The best activities

of winter

Winter is arriving with a bang, the snow is dotting our beautiful resort and we’re all eager to relive the thrill of the slopes! With the return of skiing and lifts, much to the delight of resort lovers, as well as all the events planned, we’ve got a historic season ahead of us! A multi-activity resort par excellence, Les 7 Laux will provide you with a pleasure to be consumed without moderation all winter long, so to illustrate these desires, we’ve listed the best sensational winter activities for you! A list that could be the size of the Vallons du Pra descent!

Published on 24 November 2021
Wiz Luge

The must-have

of all

You’ve heard of it before, but this multi-faceted experience continues to delight young and old at Le Pleynet. You may have already tasted the unique sensations of a descent like you’ve never experienced before. Immersed in a shimmering setting, this toboggan on rails has a mouth-watering program in store for you all winter long: change of pace, bends, 700 meters of descent, tunnel, hand brakes… You’re in control of your sensations on the Wiz Luge! This fun and sensational activity is one of winter’s nuggets, with a shape that catches the eye and a descent that’s well worth the detour.

As safe as it is fun, Wiz Luge on rails is sure to give you a good time. From 7 to 77 years old, treat yourself to a unique downhill experience! As an added bonus, this sled has two seats. A sensational activity you can share with others…or not!


by sled dog

Make one of every mountain lover’s dreams come true – a dog sled ride in the heart of the Massif de Belledonne! Slip into the shoes of a “Musher”, a profession like no other, and spend an unforgettable moment alongside these endearing polar dogs. Become a friend of the beasts, and go for a walk in the heart of the undergrowth, in a unique setting, to discover new sensations! One of winter’s great sensory activities can be enjoyed at Le Pleynet or La Ferrière. A good dose of fun to help you discover the mountains in winter, from a different angle.

Dog sledding is a unique experience to share with family, friends or couples. The memories recorded in your mind will be those of your most memorable winter moments. Treat yourself to this season’s must-do in Les 7 Laux.

Downhill skiing

aux 7 Laux

How could we not mention it? Alpine skiing is much more than a winter sport, it’s a blend of emotions and thrills. Whether you’re an all-schuss fan or a novice, once you’re on the slopes, sliding transforms your perception of weightlessness: hurtling down a slope and skiing on the snow represents an uncommon experience for the human body, the pleasure is multiplied tenfold and the sensations are multiplied. What also makes this activity so pleasurable and sensational is the ability to modify your speed and trajectory as you wish. Whether straight or with sweeping bends, the trails at Les 7 Laux are adapted to all levels, so you’ll see everything! As well as being one of winter’s most popular activities, alpine skiing is also a great way to share a unique panorama, a fall followed by lots of laughter, or a moment to unwind with a cup of hot chocolate. After a good day’s skiing, your thighs will be warm, but your head will be full of postcards and memories.

Whether you’re a novice to the discipline or a king of the slopes, there’s something for everyone at Les 7 Laux! So book your ski pass and enjoy the return of skiing as it should be!

Full of sensations

freeride skiing

Freeride skiing will make your winter unforgettable once again! Make your best tracks in the powder, and enjoy sensations to be savored without moderation. Freeride skiing is a discipline that inspires many enthusiasts, awakens the senses and promises new discoveries. With powder snow as the playground, the Massif de Belledonne as the stage, and you as the lead actor! As sensational as it is technical, freeride skiing requires a good understanding of your level, the conditions and the risks involved. It’s essential to know the right safety rules, before you can dive in headfirst and treat yourself to a veritable sensory bath.

Exploring new landscapes is one of the motivations of freeride enthusiasts, who treat themselves to unique panoramas every winter. In Les 7 Laux, freeride will once again seduce thrill-seekers with its many secure sectors: in the Combe de Beldina or the Combe des Oudis, the Pipay sector offers marvellous spots for freeride skiing. At Le Pleynet, the Vallons du Pra run is sure to be a hit with enthusiasts. Finally, in Prapoutel, you can play freerider on the powdery Combe de Bédina.

Flying over the station


On the slopes, it’s often tempting to feel one’s wings grow and try to break through in a straight line. At Les 7 Laux, however, it’s really possible to fly over your favorite ski area in the truest sense of the word. What could be more sensational than flying over the resort in a paraglider, and enjoying your very first flight? Enjoy a tandem flight with your instructor, and leave behind the thrills of the slopes you’ve all come to know. You’re about to experience the unexplorable, touch the sky and kiss the clouds. Well, we may be getting carried away, but paragliding is one of the most sensational activities to be enjoyed this winter in Les 7 Laux!

The ideal way to conquer your fears or make your dreams come true, flying over your domain in a tandem paraglider means letting yourself be carried along by your desire to discover unique panoramas, eyes in the air. Belledonne, Grésivaudan Valley, Chartreuse Massif, your eyes will take their most beautiful pictures!

Discover new

unusual slides

How about discovering a whole new side to snow sports?

Most of you are used to downhill skiing or tobogganing, but how much do you know about new winter sports? Discover snakegliss this winter and enjoy an activity that’s as sensational as it is fun. This funny snow animal, crawling along the slopes with big yawing turns, resembles a beautiful caterpillar of sledges. All hooked together. As you can see, this activity, so beloved by families, is a great opportunity to share a moment of fun and discovery, and to see fun from a different angle!

Another sensational activity with the same fun factor, the Airboard is sure to delight young and old this winter! A small, rocket-like inflatable toboggan, you can ride down the slopes lying on your “toy”, at slope level, and enjoy the thrill of the ride. You’ll feel the snow crystals caressing your wetsuit, and the pleasure will be written all over your face. You’re the pilot of your emotions! Whether you’re going straight down the slopes, taking small turns or lapping up the slopes, you’ll be able to experience the thrill of a new ride as you please!

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