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How to spend Christmas

"Made in 7 Laux?

As the festive season approaches, it’s often a struggle to find THE best idea for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Fortunately, your favorite resort has thought of you and offers its best tips and advice for a festive holiday season in Les 7 Laux.

Published on 27 November 2020

Les 7 Laux

to the Christmas tree

Christmas is less than a month away! If you’re probably racking your brains for gift ideas that will delight the whole family, we’ve got just the thing for you. If you’ve decided to stay at home, then this will be the station that slips under the tree on December 25! In fact, we invite you to discover our merchandise, which is sure to please all your little tribe, young and old alike.

Neck warmers for all your sports outings

All-new, all-beautiful, they’re here to accompany you on all your outings, whether it’s skiing on the 7 Laux slopes this winter, or protecting you from the cold – it’s THE winter trend. In addition to being COVID-certified (category 1, 50 washes), you can choose between 4 models, the one that will win your heart. On sale at the Tourist Information Offices in Prapoutel and Le Pleynet, and in some of the resort’s shops, our chokers are the perfect way to combine beauty and utility this Christmas.

Bonnets for a warm winter!

Who hasn’t had cold ears in the middle of winter? That feeling that makes you wish you had a hat at home, or simply that you hadn’t found what you were looking for. Les 7 Laux has come up with a nice, practical gift idea to slip under the Christmas tree that’s sure to please everyone: our hats to proudly display your favorite ski resort. Available in two different models, they are sold in our Tourist Information Offices in Prapoutel and Le Pleynet, and in some of the resort’s shops. So get yours now before they’re gone!

7 Laux” special mugs

Timeless but above all a classic, this gift still has many years ahead of it. Give your whole family the official resort mug. After all, what could be better than enjoying coffee, tea or any other beverage while keeping an eye on your favorite resort? At any time of day, whether at home or at work, Les 7 Laux follows you everywhere (down to the last drop). So if you too would like to offer a simple, useful gift that will delight those around you, come and pick one up in our various Tourist Information Offices in Prapoutel and Le Pleynet, and in some of the resort’s shops. Our mugs are on sale for €6. Will you fall for THE mug made in “Les 7 Laux”?

Les 7 Laux shopkeepers

at your service!

Can’t find what you’re looking for in our special 7 Laux products? Don’t panic!

Les 7 Laux merchants are working hard to make sure you enjoy the festive season with us. A whole host of services to tempt you: that’s the advantage offered by the various shops in and around the resort. With the winter season just around the corner and our hearts beating every day, we suggest (if you haven’t already) that you stock up on bargains and support our local businesses!

Following the government’s announcement to extend the travel perimeter from one kilometer to twenty kilometers, and within a limit of after three hours, you can simply take advantage of the opportunity to do your Christmas shopping, thanks to our merchants who continue to mobilize on your behalf. Although the ski lifts are closed for the Christmas vacations, the shops in the resort are keeping their doors wide open to welcome you. At a time when hiking and snowshoeing are gaining ground over skiing this winter, not everyone is lucky enough to have the right quality equipment to enjoy our mountains to the full this winter! Whether you’re looking for sports stores, equipment rental outlets for gift ideas, restaurants to stock up on takeaways, convenience stores for food shopping or tobacconists, they’re all at your disposal for the festive season and all winter long.

Vacation in a resort

for the holidays

While the word “ski” is on everyone’s lips, it will unfortunately be impossible to put on alpine skis (ski touring will be permitted on a dedicated itinerary from Prapoutel) and hurtle down the slopes, due in particular to the closure of the ski lifts. Nevertheless, it is possible to spend the festive season in the fresh mountain air of a resort! Les 7 Laux is not just about downhill skiing, and fortunately so. You can decide to spend Christmas and New Year comfortably in the resort to recharge your batteries and take advantage of the wide-open spaces to enjoy activities from the most essential to the best-known.

So mark your calendars for the festive season (if you haven’t already booked) and come up for one of the most enjoyable holidays you’ll ever have, immersed in the heart of the Massif de Belledonne. A wide range of accommodation is available, making for an unforgettable holiday season.

Activities to enjoy

made in Les 7 Laux