Special COVID chokers

For a safe winter 2021/2022

With the opening of the winter season still scheduled for Saturday December 19* fast approaching, the teams at the Tourist Office and the resort’s professionals are working rigorously to set up a sanitary protocol to welcome you in an irreproachable setting. With this in mind, we’ve decided to create our own ” Covid-friendly ” neck lanyards for skiing this winter.

*depending on snow conditions and sanitary measures

What sanitary measures

this winter

This winter, we’ll finally be able to put our skis back on and enjoy the unique sensations of sliding down the slopes. However, the current health situation means that we must remain vigilant to ensure that we have a successful season. So that you can enjoy the lifts and the pleasures of skiing, here are the health measures you need to take this winter:

  • Respect the barrier gestures.
  • Mandatory wearing of a mask or a neck strap (cat 1) in queues and/or grouping areas (cash desks and ski lifts) and on ski lifts for children aged 11 and over.
  • Health pass compulsory from age 12 to use lifts.

Filtering neckwraps

Les 7 Laux branded

This winter, the resort celebrates its 50th anniversary and the return of skiing! To get the most out of your skiing, you’ll need to follow the current health protocol. Your favorite resort will be offering its own special COVID filtering and breathable neckwear. Manufactured in collaboration with Les Blues Brodeurs, a local company specializing in textile production based in the Grenoble area, these category 1 (50 washings) filtering and breathable masks offer total comfort while complying with imposed sanitary measures.

What makes them special?

They’re beautiful, of course, but above all they’re in the colors of the 7 Laux! 4 models of choker will be produced. In addition to proudly displaying the colors of your favorite resort, you’ll be able to benefit from their filtering action for all your outings. A must-have for a safe winter’s outing.

Our community has chosen!

We wanted to embark on this project by asking the opinion of those most concerned: you!
If you follow our social networks(Facebook and Instagram), you’ve probably seen a few stories about necklaces, right? If you missed them, we’re going to take you back to this exciting episode in a few lines:

Simply by voting “yes” or “no” for each model. The two models with the most votes were selected for an express start to production. In the end, several thousand votes were cast, showing that our community is more than active on social networks.

How many tours are available?
In total, some 230 necklaces are available for sale at the station’s various information desks, for you to enjoy. They will be available in 3 sizes: T0 for children, T1 & T2 for adults.

When and where will they be on sale?
Neck warmers will be on sale at the Prapoutel tourist office and at the Pleynet tourist office from the start of the season.

Activities to enjoy

made in Les 7 Laux