Winter 2021/2022

The 7 ambassadors

Des 7 Laux

Are you a true lover of the 7 Laux resort?

Is your phone your best ally when it comes to capturing exceptional shots?

Try your luck until December 1 and become one of the 7 winter ambassadors!

Become an ambassador

One season


Are you used to walking around the resort in winter? Does Les 7 Laux hold no secrets for you? Do you like to share your mountain experiences with others or on your social networks?

You’re a born ambassador!

Celebrate the return of skiing as it should be, make your best glides in the snow, share your best experiences and become a spokesperson for the resort! This winter, Les 7 Laux celebrates its 50th anniversary, so join in the festivities and be a part of this historic season.

What to do

to become an ambassador?


Want to become an ambassador for the season? It’s very simple!

Send us the following information before Wednesday December 1 at 12:00*, to or on our social networks’ private messaging system:

  • A presentation of yourself, your motivation for becoming an ambassador and your attachment to the resort.
  • The names of your social network accounts.
  • Your MOST BEAUTIFUL photo of Les 7 Laux (the one that will be selected for the selection battles!).

PLEASE NOTE: you only need to send one photo of the station, so choose THE right one!

NB: if the candidate is a minor (minimum age 16), a parental authorization must be signed and returned by his/her legal representatives (parents or guardians) in case the station selects him/her to take part in the battles.

* Any application received before the above date and time will be rejected.

How it works



After analysis of the applications, a maximum of 28 files will be retained, and the final selection of the 7 ambassadors will be made by the 7 Laux Instagram community.

You’ll receive a private message by Wednesday December 8 to find out if your application has been selected for the battles, which will pit two candidates against each other every day.

To select the 7 Ambassadors for the 2021/2022 season, photo battles will be held in Instagram stories on the resort’s Instagram account from Wednesday, December 8, 2021. The stories will be posted 24 hours a day on the station’s account, and votes will be counted at the end of the broadcast. The photo with the most votes will advance to the next round.

The selection will take place in 2 rounds:

For the first round, 7 battles will be organized in stories on the Les 7 Laux Instagram account from Wednesday December 8 to Friday December 10. For each battle, the 2 photos with the most votes will advance to the next round, while the photo with the fewest votes will be eliminated.

For the second round, 7 battles will be organized in stories on the Les 7 Laux Instagram account, from Monday December 13 to Friday December 17. For each battle, the candidate who submitted the photo with the most votes will be one of the 7 ambassadors for winter 2021/2022.

At the end of the second battle, the authors of the 7 remaining photos will become the 7 ambassadors of Les 7 Laux for the 2021/2022 winter season.

From December 18, 2021, to April 3, 2022, the resort will be your favorite playground!


Winter 2021/2022

The Ambassadors' Charter

By signing this charter, the Ambassador undertakes to :

  • Promote the values of the resort,
  • Distribute correct and appropriate information during individual and/or collective actions and on social networks,
  • Authorize the use and distribution of images representing him/her, both in France and abroad, for the promotion of Les 7 Laux, in all forms, on all media (including the Internet) and by all processes for 5 years,
  • Comply with the graphic recommendations of the brand code (rules governing placement of the brand block and non-alteration of graphic elements, in the event of use: no enrichment, modification or change of color of elements supplied by Les 7 Laux),
  • Include the words “📸 Ambassadeur hiver 21/22 @les7laux” in their Instagram bio,
  • Tag the Instagram account @les7laux in each of their publications,
  • Be present at a minimum of 2 events during the winter season and create content,
  • Wear a brand item provided by the resort when a photo features the ambassador (beanie, choker, mug, cap, etc.),
  • Regularly send photos/videos (in addition to those posted) to Les 7 Laux social networks,
  • To be allowed to be featured in resort publications: blog articles, social network posts, etc.

We invite you to consult the charter before sending your application: AMBASSADOR CHARTER

This document is valid for the entire 2021/2022 season and will be signed by each ambassador. It will be accompanied by a contract for the transfer of rights to process and use your content on our communication media.

The benefits

to be an ambassador

Becoming an ambassador for Les 7 Laux for the 2021/2022 season also means access to numerous rewards and benefits:

  • Earn points that can be exchanged for ski passes valid for summer 2022 or winter 2022/2023: AMABASSADOR ACTIONS & POINTS
  • Unite around a resort with local, national or even international impact
  • The “ambassador’s kit” is offered to you: support tools made up of branded objects and goodies.
  • You’ll be invited to a VIP Ambassadors’ Day: skiing, fun activities, sports, meals… on the program with the 7 Ambassadors for winter 2021/2022.
  • You’ll have the right to speak during a specially dedicated ambassador content.