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The Mole Trail

Prapoutel - Piste de la Souchette

Les 7 Laux may be a freerider’s paradise with its snowpark courses, but it’s also a family resort. Indeed, even the youngest and least experienced skiers can enjoy the Taupe course on the Prapoutel site.


The 7 Laux resort also has a fun area on the Taupe trail, ideal for taking your first steps on the slopes, or rediscovering the thrill of skiing for the less experienced among you. A must-see family venue with a touch of fun to help you forget your difficulties and hurtle down the slopes in complete safety! Located in Prapoutel, the Mole course is an unforgettable experience that will delight young and old alike.

A fun trail

for the whole family

If beginners were already familiar with the Souchette green run, which can be accessed from the Bouquetins chairlift on the Prapoutel side, they’ll be delighted with its new layout. Completely transformed, this slope now offers a playful layout: the Parcours de la Taupe!

And don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a monotonous ski run! Far from it. Arches, wind chimes and whoops follow one another all the way down, much to the delight of young and old alike. Overcoming obstacles, passing under the tunnel, following the mascot down to the foot of the Prapoutel slopes – a fun way to get to grips with a beginners’ area and forget all about the fear of speed and slopes.

Something for everyone!

You think the Parcours de la Taupe is just for kids? In addition to the 4-12 year olds who are the main target audience, the Parcoursde la Taupe is also suitable for less experienced skiers, who can enjoy their first freedom on skis in Prapoutel.

Children will enjoy passing through the gates that line the forest and trying their hand at a few acrobatics on the Mole course. In just a few runs, they’ll become expert skiers, tackling the obstacles with greater agility and ease.

What if the Mole course was the first step towards freeriding? What if the kids got a taste for whoops? If all you want to do is ski this playful course, simply take a ‘beginner sector’ ski pass, without having to buy a full ski pass for the whole area.

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