Snake Gliss

Prapoutel - Le Pleynet

Aux 7 Laux, le plaisir de la glisse c’est en toutes saisons ! Pour le plaisir de tous, y compris celui des petits à partir de 3 ans s’ils sont accompagnés, les 7 Laux mettent en émoi tous vos sens et se font créateurs d’émotions. Avec la Wiz luge au Pleynet, retrouvez des sensations fortes de glisse et frissonnez au gré des virages, des tunnels, des vrilles ou des ponts.

A descent in a sledge


Snakegliss, what is it?

The Snake Slide is nothing more or less than a large collective sledge. Or rather, they are 8 sledges joined together to form a big snow snake that hurtles down the Prapoutel and Pleynet ski slopes. These sledges are equipped with fins to drive with the feet. Before being fun, it’s a real teamwork and balance to keep you on the slopes. An extraordinary sled that sounds like a must-have at the 7 Laux because its originality surprises and pleases even the most thrill-seekers!



With family or friends !

The snakegliss is a real essential at the 7 Laux and has nothing to envy from the activities of the other resorts. Perfectly adapted for children from 7 to 77 years old, this winter activity will make you go through all the emotions: laughter, joy, surprise and much more! Everyone chooses their own style of descent: if you are looking for a calm and peaceful descent, the front of the snakegliss will suit you perfectly. You want to try your hand at thrills? The back of the sled has many surprises in store for you.

The activity is perfect for everyone, and can be done with family and friends, while allowing you to work on group cohesion. The watchword is fun. Rest assured, the descent is led by an experienced guide for total comfort and safety at all times.

Who will dare to try the sensational descent of the 7 Laux slopes in snakegliss?


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