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A Wiz Luge descent

Le Pleynet

At Les 7 Laux, the pleasure of skiing is available all year round! For the pleasure of all, including children aged 3 and over if accompanied, Les 7 Laux is a thrill for all your senses and a creator of emotions. With the Wiz luge at Le Pleynet, you’ll experience the thrill of sliding down the mountain, with its twists and turns, tunnels and bridges.

Fun attraction

for the whole family

The Wiz Luge is one of the 7 Laux resort’s star attractions. Located at Le Pleynet, the Wiz Luge is a rail-mounted bobsleigh that winds its way through the forest and wonderful Belledonne landscape on a fantastic, winding course. The Wiz Luge offers maximum safety thanks to safety belts, an anti-derailment system, optional braking and an anti-bumper system when approaching another car.

Like an amusement park, Wiz Luge will be one of the must-do activities during your stay in Les 7 Laux for a successful afternoon.

An extraordinary course

With a300-meter-long ascent and a 700-meter-long descent, this Wiz Luge descent is one of the most beautiful in France. Suitable for everyone and equipped with an anti-collision system, this course offers a unique experience for everyone, from 7 to 77 years of age. You’re free to adapt your speed as you wish, to cover the 108-meter vertical drop on a 15% gradient more or less quickly. Fast speed for thrill-seekers or slower speed for the less adventurous, everyone on this course will have a remarkable time.

An activity that appeals to everyone

Accessible to children from the age of 3 if accompanied, or from 8 years of age if driven alone, the Wiz Luge leaves lasting memories for young and old alike. While children eager for a thrill will be clamoring for more, less intrepid parents will be seduced, even if they have to be pushed a little to go round again. No fewer than 12 bends, including 7 hairpin bends, will turn the brave into Wiz Luge enthusiasts!

Men, women and children, the Wiz Luge is a real thrill.

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