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in bad weather

Resort vacations are always a great time when the sun is shining and you’re perched high above the sea of clouds. When the mountain is decked out in its beautiful white coat, illuminated by the sun’s rays caressing the snow crystals, it’s magnificent. However, there are days when Mother Nature isn’t as forgiving as she could be: snowstorms or even rain. And it’s immediately less pleasant to hit the slopes or take part in outdoor activities. These are the vagaries of the mountains, and you need to know how to keep busy when the weather turns fickle. Here are a few ideas for having a good time at Les 7 Laux, in the resort, on bad weather days.

Published on 29 December 2021

Going to the SPA


When you look out of your window and see drops trickling down the glass, what could be better than a wellness break? Always appreciated by adults, but also by the little ones, the spa allows you to relax and unwind from the previous day’s exertions. Or even to prepare for the next day. Any excuse is good for a moment of relaxation. Massages, hammams, saunas or yoga – there’s something for everyone and something for everyone. After a good day’s skiing or between two days of sporting activities, your body will never thank you enough for offering it this enchanted interlude. A good massage or a sauna, and you’re off again for the rest of your stay in the resort!

Whether you’re in Prapoutel or Le Pleynet, you’ll find plenty to do with your family, your partner or your friends at one of our wellness institutes:

Bédina Spa (Prapoutel)

Enjoy body treatments, sculpting, a sauna, a hammam and a balneo pool with counter-current swimming, jets, a fountain and massaging jets in a complex that invites you to relax. Open throughout the winter season, discover the treatments offered by Bédina Spa

Pleyn’itude (Le Pleynet)

Located in the heart of the resort of Le Pleynet, treat yourself to a moment of rejuvenation with treatments tailored to your every need: sophrology, massage, well-being, discover the range of services offered by Pleyn’itude.

Katadasana Yoga (Haut-Bréda)

Looking for a zen break? Enjoy individual or group yoga classes and mental relaxation for a stress-free winter! Discover Katadasana Yoga in Le Pleynet.

A drink,

eat out

Having a drink on a terrace in bad weather is always pleasant, especially when the weather’s fine. But on a white or rainy day, you’re better off indoors! Who said Mother Nature could restrict your craving for pancakes or hot chocolate? You can have a good time in the resort’s various bars and restaurants, over your favorite drink or dish. You can catch up with friends, reminisce about fond mountain memories recounted by mom and dad, and long for the return of fine weather so you can strap on your spatulas again. The little ones talk about how they’d like to make progress, how they’d like to experience new sensations, while the older ones take the opportunity to get to know the resort better, and find out about the slopes they’re about to (re)discover. For those with foresight, the deck of cards is brought out and the hours fly by. Jokes and laughter are exchanged to the rhythm of the raindrops falling outside. All in all, a good afternoon was had by all, despite the capricious weather, and everyone had a smile on their face!

Go to


When the weather’s not so great, it’s always nice to get out in the warm and watch a movie. The advantage of having a cinema in the resort is that, just a few steps from your accommodation, you can easily sit back in your seat and enjoy a good time. Whether you’re in Le Pleynet or Prapoutel, you can check the diary or the entertainment program to see what upcoming screenings are organized by the Tourist Office.

One thing to bear in mind before rushing to the resort’s cinema is that it’s not a traditional cinema with films on the bill. The resort offers standard screenings depending on the week or period, with cult films as well as lesser-known ones.

So when the weather isn’t cooperating at the resort, there’s no excuse not to go and see a good film with your family or friends!


in station

An idea that’s sure to please young and old, ladies and gentlemen alike! On a bad weather day in the resort, why not take a tour of the shopping arcades? At Prapoutel, you can browse the shops in the resort’s “shopping center”: souvenir stores, candy stores, equipment stores, bars, pork butchers, cheesemongers and much more! At Le Pleynet or Pipay, you can explore the food and equipment shops, and why not let yourself be tempted by an unexpected craving. Very practical, but above all pleasant, shopping in the resort is always a moment that families appreciate. Enjoying an afternoon’s entertainment while waiting for the warm weather to return is an alternative that will finally add a little sunshine to your stay in the resort.

What’s more, it’s always a pleasure to chat with the shopkeepers, discover their passion up close, get to know them and ask their advice. Les 7 Laux is all about them!

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