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It was feared, but the news is in… Following government announcements, the ski lifts will not be opening for the February vacations. Nonetheless, the mountains continue to show their charm, and are preparing some great activities for you to enjoy with your family, friends or partner! There’s plenty of fun to be had in a festive atmosphere, and you’ll be able to enjoy your feet in the snow in an exceptional setting. Whether for a day or a longer stay, here’s what’s on offer during the February vacations, according to your wishes.

Published on 1 February 2021
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Wiz Luge at Le Pleynet

A family favorite, the Wiz Luge, which amazed everyone during the Christmas vacations, is waiting for you to do the same during the February holidays. A whirlwind of fun and thrills, you’ll love its originality! Slide into this “bobsleigh” on rails for an incredible experience that will delight the whole family during your February vacation in Les 7 Laux. Located at Le Pleynet, the Wiz Luge awaits you for a whirlwind of fun.

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For children

for the vacations

Tobogganing at Les 7 Laux

Playful, fun, family-oriented, sledding has been with us for generations. Your child will remember his or her first toboggan runs on snow for the rest of his or her life. Slipping down, climbing back up, again and again… Moments that will remain engraved in their memory, especially if they were spent with their family in Les 7 Laux.

Open every day during the February vacations, the sledging areas at Prapoutel, Le Pleynet and Pipay are completely free. Make every day of your vacation a pure moment of escape at Les 7 Laux.

Fun zone: tobogganing and snowpark

Fresh off the heels of a snowfall in Les 7 Laux, this new play area on the Prapoutel side of the mountain is sure to delight! The area features two parallel toboggan runs with tight turns for maximum thrills, plus a freestyle area with a snowpark just waiting for you to perform your best tricks.

This reserved area is available for €5 a day (free for anyone with a season pass).
Suitable for children aged 6 and over, children under this age must be accompanied by an adult.
Due to government restrictions, this is a pedestrian area, so users will have to walk back up.

You don’t have your own sled, but you’re looking for a thrill? We can lend you sleds on site!

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during the vacations

A moment of well-being at Les 7 Laux

Have you ever thought of coming to the mountains to relax and unwind? At Les 7 Laux, it’s possible!

During the winter vacations, treat yourself to a moment for just the two of you, and enjoy a relaxing break in one of our two wellness areas.

If you’re on the Prapoutel side, head to the Bedina Spa and book your wellness break.
If you’re staying on the Pleynet side, make an appointment and book your relaxation break with Pleyn’itude!

Relax in a magical setting in the heart of the mountains, and enjoy a week’s vacation in relaxation mode.

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Nature to do

during the vacations

Sled dogs

A true discovery that will leave an indelible mark on your mind, spend a day learning about the life of a “Musher” with “le Clos de la Vallée Blanche” in the Haut Bréda valley or at the Pleynet resort! Meet our friends the polar dogs and discover the sensations of an unusual and unforgettable experience. You’ll slip into the shoes of a musher, and enjoy a sporty ride in an exceptional setting.

If you’re more of a contemplative type, then a dog sledding experience is for you! “Nunavut” is waiting to welcome you to Prapoutel, so you can enjoy a moment in the great outdoors in the company of the pack!

Come and discover the incredible world of sled dogs in Prapoutel or Le Pleynet, for memories to last a lifetime!

Snowshoe outings

Treat yourself to a peaceful moment in the heart of the forest during the February vacations! With your feet in the snow, take a snowshoe walk along the gently dusted trails of Les 7 Laux.

Alone or in a group, snowshoeing in Les 7 Laux is a great way to take in the scenery before your eyes and enjoy the pleasures of a hike in the heart of an exceptional environment. You’ll be able to contemplate the charms of the Belledonne massif on a variety of itineraries for a day or half-day.

Our guides are on hand to help you discover every corner of the resort. You can take short or long walks, depending on your level of experience.

Ski touring

Lovers of outdoor activities know it by heart, while novices are eager to discover it. Ski tour ing is one of the must-do activities of the February vacations. P

Ski touring is an invitation to discover the mountains in all their natural splendor, and to explore beautiful, unusual landscapes. Physical and athletic, this activity invites powder lovers to ski up snow-covered slopes on their backs (without the help of ski lifts, of course). At the finish line, you’ll be able to contemplate magnificent panoramic views, and then embark on a powdery descent.

A safe itinerary is available from Prapoutel.

Cross-country skiing

A winter classic, many of you enjoyed cross-country skiing during the Christmas and January vacations.
In the fresh air, with exceptional panoramic views, it’s one of this year’s must-do activities. Whether you’re in the strolling mode or the sporty mode, go at your own pace and enjoy!
Why not give it a try? The Prapoutel-Beldina Nordic ski area offers 5 itineraries to suit all levels. Alternative or skating, choose your type of practice and (re)discover the pleasures of this discipline.

Open every day, the Prapoutel-Beldina Nordic ski area welcomes you.
Equipment hire available at the Chalet Nordic at the entrance to the ski area.

Archery in the wild

Follow in the footsteps of primitive hunters and explore the forest with a bow in hand, accompanied by an instructor. Awaken your instincts by adapting to the terrain and changing distances for spectacular shots! From 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. We offer nature trails. Minimum 4 people, maximum 5. Price: €30/person

Target Archery/Axe Throwing/Laser Rifle

Every afternoon from 2pm, we offer 3 skill-based activities for beginners or advanced. Price: €10/30mn

Reservations required on 06 07 96 48 78.

Good to know
For outings in the great outdoors, remember to bring good shoes and snowshoes.

Tree climbing

Have you heard of accrobranche in winter mode? This vacation season, take on the obstacles at Belledonne Outdoor, climb from tree to tree and fill up on good memories in the heart of a snow-covered landscape – what better way to have fun with family and friends? 😀Open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12pm to 5pm, by reservation.Info and reservation:

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new glides

during the vacations

Electric mountain biking on snow

Come and discover an unusual, offbeat and, to say the least, fun activity!
Mountain biking on snow invites you to discover a new approach to outdoor activities in the mountains, powered by your electric bike. Learn to tackle the snow in a different way, while benefiting from the guidance of an instructor who will give you the right advice.

Choose from our 3 packages and experience the mountains differently.

> Discovery 1 hour. Price €30/person
Not sure you’re adventurous enough? But you’re still curious, so why not try your hand at a beginner’s session and develop your taste for going further (suitable for children from 1M30)?

> Classic 1 hour and a half. Price €40/person
A great start to a unique and accessible adventure.

> Sportive 2 hours. Price €50/person
If you’re a slide enthusiast, or a curious mountain biker, let’s go one step further and test your technical skills for maximum pleasure.

Every morning by reservation on 06 37 52 41 63 (adult and children’s bikes from 1.30 m).

All Terrain Electric Skateboard

You’ve heard of skateboarding! This winter,“Eco Ride” is offering you the chance to try your hand at skateboarding, with its big wheels and all-terrain electric skateboard suitable for snow. Suitable for ages 8 and up, there’s no age limit to the fun!

Meet at the resort after booking with Rémi on 06 63 32 30 16.

Snake Gliss

If you’re dreaming of tobogganing with family and friends, Snake Gliss is for you. Come and hurtle down the slopes in your own sled. Yes, each person has his or her own sled, but be careful – they’re all identical, and fit together to form a single train or snake. So you don’t have several sleds, but a single sled on which everyone has to take part to ensure a smooth ride!

Unique sensations guaranteed!

Further information from Prapoutel or Le Pleynet Tourist Offices.


Escape Game

The Infernal Groomer

An unmanned snow groomer is causing havoc in the resort of Prapoutel at night, frightening tourists away! It’s time to act quickly and discreetly!

You’ll need to question witnesses and pick up clues to solve this enigma. The Agence Risque – Tout team will help you with your investigation!
The game can be played alone or in a group around one or more telephones. You don’t need to be a skier to play – everything is accessible on foot. You can solve the puzzle in one go, or over several days – it’s up to you!

The Irréductibles of Haut Bréda

A village of irreducibles in the Haut Bréda region is holding out against the prevailing pressure… Their secret? A magic potion made by the village druid. But when he suddenly fell ill, intoxicated by the vapors of poisonous mushrooms, it was impossible to remember the formula. Fortunately, some of the village elders still possess a part of the potion… and it’s up to you to put the ingredients together to reconstruct the mystery formula…


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Learning with

ski schools

Our ski and snowboard instructors are always on hand to pass on their passion for mountain skiing, and continue to offer private lessons on request:

  • Kindergarten
  • Private lessons for beginner skiers and snowboarders
  • Ski touring or Splitboard outings

Would you like to enroll your child, take a private lesson or go on a safe ski touring outing? We’ve got it covered!

Our ski schools can adapt to any situation, and are ready to provide you with unforgettable moments for the upcoming vacations!

Discover our ski school program for the winter vacations:

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ESI les 7 Laux👉
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