Family tobogganing on snow

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This afternoon, there’s a little excitement in the family. Everyone is particularly excited. Is it the announcement of the next snowfall, or the prospect of sledding with the family?

A moment of

fun on a toboggan

Bundled up in your warm, waterproof clothes, it’s time to take advantage of the tobogganing area dedicated to the little ones. To get started and gain confidence, it’s best to get 2-up in the sled. This way, kids enjoy family sledding more when dad’s driving. Whether you’re in Prapoutel, Pipay or Le Pleynet, you can enjoy family sledding in a safe environment.

Tobogganing in the snow

Organize sled races

Family sledging at Les 7 Laux also means organizing little challenges. For the first, one parent and one child per sled. Children in the front and parents in the back to steer the sled. Ready, set, go! The descent goes quickly, and the bumps shake the crew up a bit. But one thing’s for sure: it’s a lot of fun in the sled.

For the rematch, it’ll be the kids alone in the sleds. Which of your little ones will get to the bottom of the run first?

After this crazy family tobogganingouting, you’ve decided to treat yourself to a Wiz Luge descent. The sensations are even greater than on a traditional sled. Nevertheless, a good sled run in fresh snow is definitely one of the best family moments of the winter season. Tobogganing, going up the slope, going down alone or in pairs. These little shared moments leave their mark on the memories of a winter, a season, a resort. While the Wiz Luge at Le Pleynet aims to be sensational, traditional sledding remains a classic that has been passed down through the generations. Tobogganing in the snow is an activity that can be done wherever you are in Les 7 Laux, provided all the ingredients are there: perfect snow, a more or less steep slope depending on whether you’re an adventurer or not, and not too many people around. If all these conditions are met, then sledging down the snowy slopes will be a real success.

Why toboggan in Les 7 Laux?

If you’re with family or friends, then you’ve certainly been sledging on Mother Nature’s freshly fallen snow at some point in your life. The feeling of riding your sled on the snow, of flying on the snowflakes, of discovering another way of gliding on snow. Tobogganing down snow-covered slopes is first and foremost a way of remembering our first steps in the mountains in winter, before we were able to put on skis. With Mum, Dad or Grandma and Grandpa, we all discovered our first glides, first sensations and first falls in the snow on a sled!

What’s more, sledding on snow is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon full of thrills, whether you’re a toddler, a child, a teenager or even an adult. It’s a timeless activity that’s been passed down from generation to generation, and it’s one that makes a big impression every winter.

Tobogganing at Les 7 Laux is also a great way to end the day: after a whole day of warming up your thighs and calves on skis, what better way to stretch your legs than at the controls of your toboggan? Easy to transport in the car, you can sled at any time on the snow front, or at the resort’s dedicated sledging area. If you hadn’t originally planned to come tobogganing down the slopes, you can still rent one from one of our sports stores!

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