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Evening falls on the 7 Laux resort. After skiers have been on the slopes all day, it’s now the turn of the resort’s snow groomers. An incessant ballet to get the slopes back into shape. Why not take part in this unique experience with our “Live my life as a groomer” animation.

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Prapoutel and Pleynet sides

An unforgettable experience!

Enter the world of the groomer and experience his day-to-day work.

On Thursday evenings during the school vacations, we organize the “Vis ma vie de dameur” operation on the Prapoutel and Pleynet slopes.
Have you always wanted to ride a snow groomer? Then drop your entry form in the ballot box available at the Prapoutel Tourist Office or the Pleynet Tourist Office, and if you’re lucky enough to be drawn at random, you’ll be whisked off in the groomer right after the torchlight descent, to groom the slopes and discover the groomer’s trade.

Closing the slopes … the groomer comes into play

When night falls, do you see lights moving around the ski area? That’s the snow groomers coming into action to reshape the slopes, level the terrain and prepare for the next day.

Make yourself comfortable, and you’re in for a magical, unforgettable experience. When the caterpillar starts moving, your heart starts beating, because you know that what you’re about to experience is not for everyone. The first steep incline and you feel the power of this multi-ton machine. Slightly clinging to your seat, you can feel the excitement building. But the worst is when the groomer takes a nosedive straight down the steep descent. If it slips just a little… your heart races and you try as best you can to sink into the back of your seat to avoid kissing the windscreen. You’ll have to repeat the same route several times to get the grooming just right.

Grooming from the inside

As soon as the slopes are closed, it’s essential to work on them immediately. Like a yo-yo, the groomer moves up and then down the piste. It is absolutely essential to break up the bumps that have been dug by skiers during the day.

The tracks and cutters at the rear of the groomer grind the snow. The snow is then smoothed by blades called “finishers”.

From your experience, you can see that this job requires skill, agility and experience. Depending on the time of year, the temperature and the amount of snow, grooming a piste is a real piece of sport.

Don’t wait any longer, fill in an entry form and discover the groomer’s trade for yourself!

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