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during the February vacations

The ski lifts didn’t open during the February vacations as we’d hoped, but the resort is getting busy with a host of unusual activities and events. The perfect way to spend your winter vacations! Downhill skiing is out this winter, but there’s more to the mountains than just skiing: discover the best off-ski activities at Les 7 Laux.

Published on 17 February 2021

Wiz Luge at Le Pleynet

sensational descent

Known as the white wolf around Le Pleynet, it’s no longer really worth introducing, but it’s still making a name for itself. The Wiz Luge, otherwise known as rail tobogganing, is a real alternative to outdoor sports, and seems to appeal to young and old alike. As sensational as it is unusual, this luge lets you hurtle down the rail at any speed you like, from high-speed to more moderate. This fun activity is suitable for all ages, with just one watchword: fun! During the February vacations, the Wiz Luge awaits you for a 700-meter descent through the fir trees at Le Pleynet.

From 7 to 77 years old, everyone deserves a dose of thrills and fun!

Open daily from 12pm to 5pm.

Riding the slopes

in Snakegliss

The Snakegliss is a snow animal with a reputation for giving lovers of the resort an unsuspected thrill, but one that’s nevertheless easy to tame. It’s the ideal off-ski activity for the February vacations. Whether with family or friends, the advantage of this activity is that you can share a unique moment together. A little caterpillar made of sledges, you make serpentine turns at full speed, giving you great sensations and, above all, a different view of the slopes.

Fancy a Snakegliss down the slopes?

In Prapoutel

Every Sunday, from 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., there’s a Snakegliss activity, and every day in the fun zone, from €5 per person.

At Le Pleynet

At Le Pleynet, sign up at the Tourist Office for the “Faut que ça glisse” event at 10 a.m. every Sunday. Alternatively, you can enjoy all the sensations of this activity every Wednesday afternoon by booking with Christophe Moulin on 06 08 09 33 23.

Meet the sled dogs

Au 7 Laux

During the vacations,

Nunavut offers you a unique opportunity to meet polar dogs in Prapoutel. This exceptional activity allows you to come into contact with sled dogs, to tame them, but also to hike alongside them. Who hasn’t dreamed of spending an afternoon with these rare dogs?

More commonly known as “cani rando”, these walks give you the opportunity to explore exceptional areas of the resort, while being carried along by the dogs. Upon reservation, this activity is available at the following rates

  • 15€ for 4-5 year-olds, who can accompany you on the walk but don’t have dogs under their belts.
  • 25€ for 6-11 year-olds, in pairs with an adult depending on their size.
  • 30€ for ages 12 and over

Le Clos de la Vallée Blanche offers you a true discovery that will leave an indelible mark on your mind. Initiate yourself for a day to the life of a “Musher ” in the Haut Bréda valley or at the Pleynet resort! Meet our friends the polar dogs and discover the sensations of an unusual and unforgettable experience. You’ll slip into the shoes of a musher, and enjoy a sporty ride in an exceptional setting. Upon reservation, this activity is available at the following rates

  • Adults from €60 to €95 (1h or 2h)
  • Teenager from 55 to 85 € (1h or 2h)
  • Children from 45 to 75 € (1h or 2h)

A unique vacation experience you’ve got to try!

Playing riders


You’ve probably heard of it by now: this flagship activity, which had everyone in its thrall over the Christmas vacations, is a real source of new sensations. A serious alternative to skiing at a time when the mountains are still deprived of lifts, Fatbike in Prapoutel is a great opportunity to discover a new way of approaching the snow and its specific features.

Have you ever hurtled down a snow-covered slope on an electric bike at full speed?

We guarantee that the sensations are unforgettable! Electric mountain bike outings offer the most curious among you the chance to discover an unusual outdoor activity and experience something unique, in the company of expert guides. So you can make the most of your time in complete safety!

Suitable for children and adults alike, everyone is invited to enjoy a bath of thr ills in an exceptional winter setting.

Every morning by reservation on 06 37 52 41 63 (bikes for adults and children from 1.30 m).

Electric skateboard

in Prapoutel!

Are you a keen rider? Would you like to discover a brand new activity combining fun and balance?

Electric Skateboarding in Prapoutel has it all!

An outdoor alternative to skiing, this activity is a unique opportunity to discover your inner rider. During the winter vacations, Eco Ride offers you an introduction to this all-terrain board on snow, and lets you play balancing act, all in a fun and immersive atmosphere in the heart of the resort.

Thanks to its big wheels, you become one with the snow and learn a new form of sliding that combines fun and thrills. Suitable for beginners and experienced riders alike, this activity will captivate you with its originality and the pleasure it brings.

From 8 years and up, at a cost of €25 for an initiation, reserve your time by calling 06 63 32 30 16.

at Le Pleynet

Thinking you're a rocket

on an Airboard

As the title suggests, Airboarding at Les 7 Laux is sure to remind you of a rocket launched at full speed. Here, it’s on the snowy slopes that you’ll experience all the sensations of this off-ski activity, ideal for a whirlwind of adrenalin during the vacations.

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