A word from our ambassadors

Meeting with Marion

Now it’s Marion’s turn to reveal her portrait and highlight her passion for Les 7 Laux! Montagnarde by birth and winter ambassador for 2020/2021, this sliptboard and snowboarder has never broken ties with her roots, and regularly visits the resorts to share her passion. Between memories and sport, discover who Marion really is and how she tells you about Les 7 Laux.

Hello, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Marion, I’m 44 and I’ve always had a passion for the mountains. Born in the Chartreuse region, my need for snow and fresh air is constant. I love wide-open spaces of “white gold” to share with friends. I don’t live too far from Lyon, so the mountains are easily accessible. I’ve been snowboarding for over 20 years and started splitboarding 2 years ago. I love hiking and picnics at the summit with friends (saucisson-reblochon pain frais=successful meal). I’m a ski instructor for teenagers, and in parallel, I’m a guide at SKimania.

Skimania = “distributor of snow and pleasure” transport and ski pass departing from Lyon by coach.

Why did you choose to become an ambassador for Les 7 Laux?

I love this resort, I have nothing but good memories and when friends want to go skiing I love taking them to Les 7 Laux. This resort combines good spots, good restaurants and beautiful views, I think there’s something for everyone and everyone at their level can enjoy the 120 kms of slopes. I love this mix of wide-open spaces and trails between the fir trees (okay, they’re not always “real” trails).

With Skimania, we come to Les 7 Laux almost every weekend of the winter season, so it seemed only right to become an ambassador, as I’m often there and I often post photos of my moments here, especially in stories and on insta.

What does Les 7 Laux mean to you?

A family-friendly resort where it’s great to spend a successful holiday. I find that the diversity of activities means there’s something for everyone, and everyone can enjoy themselves. The shopkeepers are very welcoming and there’s a great sense of community.

How long have you been frequenting the station?

I’d say a good twenty years now!

Is there one place more than another that you think symbolizes the resort?

At the top of Pincerie there’s a magnificent 360° view, and for me this place is truly magical.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Les 7 Laux?

Of all the activities on offer, I’d have to say snowboarding.

Can you tell us about your perfect day in the mountains?

So it’s snowing all night, the groomers don’t have time to prepare the slopes, and when I wake up there are big fields of powpow to share with my friends. After a big snow session, it’s off to a good restaurant (I’m partial to the boite chaude at La Jasse) with my friends. Then a good game of Uno in the late afternoon before a good raclette in the evening. The highlight of the day is when I can sit by the window and watch the groomers sweep by in the night.

Do you have any favorite trails in Les 7 Laux?

Not particularly, I think the whole area is nice, but for a nice walk with great views and great photos, I’d go down Chanterelle.

Are there anyother activities you’d recommend doing in Les 7 Lauxbesides those you’ve mentioned ?

The Wiz Luge. I was lucky enough to do it at night for New Year’s Eve, and with the multicolored lights it was really great!

Do you visit the resort in summer? If so, for which activity(ies)?

No, I haven’t had a chance to visit, but I’m sure there are some great hikes to be had.

The final word: 3 words that come to mind to define the resort

Family, friendly, off-piste