A word from our ambassadors

Meet Karine

In this fascinating interview, Karine shares her passion for the mountains with us. It’s a passion for which this Grenoble native has come a long way, living at the foot of Les 7 Laux in the Grésivaudan Valley. Always accompanied by her faithful dog Jango, Karine reveals her best moments, her favorite activities at Les 7 Laux and her history with the resort.

Hello, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Karine, I’ve lived in the region since I was born (Grenoble) but I moved to Tencin in the valley 5 years ago to be closer to the mountains and my favorite activities which are skiing, snowboarding and wakeboarding (Exo38).

I travel the mountains with a little dog called Jango! I started snow sports at the age of 18 months and today I’m pursuing my passion at the 7 Laux ski resort. Over the past 2 years, I’ve discovered a passion for hiking and this year I’m learning to monoski. I’m quite keen to discover new things, and I’m a curious, hyperactive and adventurous person.

Why did you choose to become an ambassador for Les 7 Laux?

I decided to become an ambassador because I wanted to play a small part in the life of this resort, where I spend ¾ of my time (laughs), in both summer and winter, it’s a bit like my second home. I love striding along the ski slopes, hiking the mountainsides and taking a few photos along the way, which I’m delighted to share with the resort. The scenery is magnificent and really makes you want to wander around. The time I spend there allows me to represent the 7 Laux through the many activities I enjoy there.

What does Les 7 Laux mean to you?

A difficult question! A lot of things really: I’m a nurse and when I go up to Les 7 Laux it’s a good way of taking a breather. It’s a pleasant resort that has nothing to envy the big ones, you can do lots of activities, the atmosphere is really pleasant and I really like the people I meet there. Aside from skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking, it’s also a great place to party with seasonal friends (laughs).

How long have you been using the station?

For 6 years now … And yes, I know it’s not that long, because my family is from Alpe d’Huez, but I’m really delighted to have chosen to live near this resort.

Is there one place you think symbolizes the resort more than another?

I would definitely say the cime de la Jasse for hiking, which gives us a splendid view over the valley and the Chartreuse massif.

When I’m skiing, I’d say the cross at the top of the Grand Cerf chairlift or at the top of the TK du Loup, which gives us a splendid spot for a picnic with friends or family, with a breathtaking view. And let’s not forget the Kaktuss for a post-ski beer with friends at the end of the day.

What's your favorite thing to do in Les 7 Laux?

My favorite activities in Les 7 Laux are snowboarding and skiing, without a doubt! Why these activities? They’re a great way to get your thrills in a magical setting, especially when the snow is good.

Can you tell us about your perfect day in the mountains?

Make your first track at 9am on groomed or powder runs with friends or even solo, a barbecue on the chanterelle run at lunchtime and an afternoon of riding in the sun. And an evening at the Kaktuss to finish it all off in style!

Do you have a favorite trail in Les 7 Laux?

L’oursière! There’s no doubt about it, but in competition with the Pra valleys when there’s powder, it’s not bad either to hurtle down this remote slope.

Are there any other activities you'd recommend doing at Les 7 Laux besides the one you mentioned?

I confess I haven’t tried the Wizluge yet, but it sounds like a lot of fun. And for those who like cross-country skiing, because the Beldina area is magical, I personally do it on snowshoes because you can’t do all the disciplines (laughs).

Do you visit the resort in summer? If so, for which activity(ies)?

Yes, until last year it was exclusively for hiking, but the hike via the Habert d’Aiguebelle refuge, then the Lac du Vénétier and the cime de la Jasse to come back down to Prapoutel via the Lac de la Jasse is my favorite! If you’re brave enough, you can even go swimming in summer. This year, I’m thinking of taking up downhill mountain biking, now that I’ve bought the equipment all I have to do is learn!

Last word: 3 words that come to mind to define the resort?

Snow, Ride and Fun!