A word from our ambassadors

Meeting with Guillaume

He’s a mountain lover! Today we’d like to introduce you to a real devourer of hiking, trail running and other outdoor activities. This lover of Les 7 Laux shares his passion for the resort and his experience with us!

Hello, can you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Guillaume, I’m 37 and I recently moved to Belledonne, just below Les 7 Laux, in Theys! I’m originally from Grenoble, so my parents brought me up in the mountains. I had to leave the region for about ten years for work, and I did everything I could to come back and live in this privileged environment that is the Grésivaudan valley. I’m a sportsman who tries to pass on his passion.

Why did you choose to become an ambassador for Les 7 Laux?

I’ve been walking, skiing, snowboarding and even 2-wheeling around the resort since I was a kid. As a neighbor of the resort and a regular user, it was a natural fit. I’m also a fan of photography and video, and here I can share my love of sport and the mountains I love!

What does Les 7 Laux mean to you?

Mountains and sport are my life! As I said, I’ve done everything here since I was a kid. I love skiing in powder in the wild, ungroomed areas or in the fir trees. I also made my 1st snowboard turns at Pipay, using the wooden 2-seater chairlift! I’ve switched to mountain biking and trail riding on most of the trails in the summer. I even worked several summers in the “Prapoutel sport évasion” day-care center, introducing children to sport and the mountains. And more recently, I’ve been devouring the cross-country trails of Beldina and the wild valleys of the area on ski touring. Les 7 laux is a great resort close to home, where you can have fun and do lots of things!

How long have you been visiting the resort?

Since I was a kid, so that’s about 30 years, but I think I can still discover some great things! Everything changes with the seasons! And with age and experience, you change your practices and see things differently!

Is there one place more than another that you think symbolizes the resort?

Les Vallons du Pra! As soon as it snows, my obsession is to find out whether the Pouta chairlift is open, whether the area has been cleared and made safe, and whether we’re going to be able to hurtle down those great wild slopes of the 7 Laux! Well, now it’s the lammergeier, but it’s all the same! And what about the vallons de la Jasse… The freeski zones, that’s the symbol!

What’s your favorite activity in Les 7 Laux?

It’s hard to answer, so many things have changed in my life! Last year, with the resort closed due to the pandemic, I spent several dozen days ski touring there, and it was magnificent!

It’s great to let the whole family glide along the varied slopes in the sunshine!

And a little skating at Beldina doesn’t hurt when the snow’s there!

So I didn’t choose!

Can you tell us about your perfect day in the mountains?

Arrive at the parking lot before everyone else! I’m the first to get on the chairlift like a starving man, and I’m off to make the 1st tracks! Either in the powder on the slopes, or on the magical striations left by the groomers. We skied hard all morning to make the most of the good snow, then took a lunch break with a sandwich out of the bag. At the edge of the slope, close to a hazelnut, or on one of the resort’s many wooden tables with a breathtaking view. And set off again in the afternoon, a little more relaxed, to enjoy the slopes until the end of the day. Admire the sun setting over the Vercors on the terrace of Le Farinaud and leave your ski boots behind for a few last photos!

Do you have any favorite trails in Les 7 Laux?

The vallons! But l’Oursière and l’Eveque are great for snow too!

Are there anyother activities you’d recommend doing at Les 7 Lauxapart from those you’ve mentioned ?

I love going up to the resort in the evening, in the late afternoon, when everyone else is heading back down to the valley. Put on the skins, snowshoes or sneakers, and head up as fast as you can to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets over the Vercors and the Charteuse. The atmosphere is magnificent!

Do you visit the resort in summer? If so, for which activity(ies)?

Yes of course, mainly trail riding and hiking, but I’ve also made a few holes in the dirt on the downhill mountain bike trails.

The final word: 3 words that come to mind to define the resort