A word from our ambassadors

Meeting with Antoine

This week, we put the spotlight on our ambassador Antoine! A keen sportsman with a passion for outdoor activities in the mountains, he shares his love of the resort with us, and reveals some very interesting information.

Hello, can you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Antoine Delorme, I’m 20 years old and I’m in my3rd year of a bachelor’s degree in regional planning, with a specialization in the environment and mountain science.

I do a lot of sports, especially skiing, hiking/trekking, swimming and volleyball. I love nature and spending time in the mountains, whether alone or in a group, to enjoy or discover new landscapes that I can immortalize with beautiful photos.

Nothing stops me in sport, whether it’s the cold, difficult weather conditions or the number of people, I always find something to enjoy.

I’m dynamic, always smiling and I love sharing, especially with my friends when I take them to the mountains or to a sport they don’t know.

Why did you choose to become an ambassador for Les 7 Laux?

Representing Les 7 Laux is something that’s close to my heart, because I learned to ski in this resort, and I’ve never left it since. I’m not here to win anything, just for the pleasure of representing the resort, where I’ve shared some incredible moments. In a way, I’m giving back what the resort has given me: sensations and emotions through photos and videos.

What does Les 7 Laux mean to you?

Speaking of emotions, here’s what the resort means to me: it’s a meeting place where every year my ski season begins there and ends with a final outing in the area. It’s also a huge playground for all skiers and all styles of skiing, whether on piste, freestyle or off-piste. In fact, it’s the perfect playground just 45 minutes from my home – what more could you ask for?

How long have you been skiing here?

I’ve been skiing here for over 14 years. I started coming quite early thanks to my parents who love the resort so much, and they passed on to me their passion for skiing and for the resort where I’ve been able to progress. So it’s really a resort that’s close to my heart.

Is there one place more than another that you think symbolizes the resort?

Yes, I remember spending many a lunchtime at the foot of the Bearière with my parents and brother. More than a symbol, this run brings back many memories, one of which has become a strength. When I was 14, I had a big accident on this slope, my ski care cut off part of my leg in a big fall. I spent 2 months on crutches and 8 months of rehabilitation later I came back to ski at Les 7 Laux and on this slope. It gave me the strength to get back up and keep skiing. These things happen, but you always have to get back up, start again and admit that anything can happen. So the bear has a certain meaning for me.

Since then, I’ve always carried a first-aid kit with me on most of my adventures. It doesn’t get said enough, but a little bit of equipment really does make a difference, especially when you’re starting to progress in a mountain sport.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Les 7 Laux?

I love skiing. Skiing and skiing. Even though hiking is a big part of my life, Les 7 Laux is an incredible place to ski.

Can you tell us about your perfect day in the mountains?

The perfect day in the mountains: In winter, it’s an outing with friends of all levels so that everyone can make progress, it’s not hot, the powder is yesterday’s fresh, there’s no one in the resort (sorry about the resort, but we like it when there aren’t many people), and everyone can have fun and enjoy themselves without telling me it’s cold. Because yes, to get good snow in the mountains, it has to be cold.

In summer, it’s a nice refreshing day in the mountains, off the beaten tourist track, with the peace and quiet you need to observe the animals. A good day in the mountains means taking the time to enjoy yourself and recharge your batteries. And really, the perfect day is to set off in the morning with a small group, go for a good hike, sleep in a tent so you can watch the stars, and set off again the next day.

Do you have any favorite trails in Les 7 Laux?

L’oursière, le Vallon du Pra and le pas du chien when it’s open. After that, it’s all off-piste

Are there anyother activities you’d recommend doing in Les 7 Laux apart fromthose you’ve mentioned ?

Yes, I recommend hiking and ski touring, mountain biking and especially summer tobogganing, because it’s great.

Do you visit the resort in summer? If so, for which activity(ies)?

Yes, for hiking, and I’ll probably go mountain biking since I wasn’t able to do any this year…

The final word: 3 words that come to mind to define the resort