A word from our ambassadors

Meeting with Anouk

We’re continuing to give our ambassadors the chance to share their passion for Les 7 Laux with you. Meet Anouk, one of our ambassadors for the 2020/2021 winter season, and discover her passion, her attachment to the resort and her love of freeriding. It’s a special meeting that promises to be exciting and full of learning.

Hello, can you introduce yourself?

Anouk Tronchet, 13 years old, I live in Theys. My favorite sports are snowboarding and wakeboarding. I also like climbing, but I don’t do it as much. I went to secondary school in Goncelin, but this year I’ve chosen to take distance learning courses through the CNED. It’s easier for me to work with online courses when I’m away on training with the French snowboard team.

Why did you choose to become an ambassador for Les 7 Laux?

Athletes are often used to promote their resort. I’d like to inspire young people to come and do sport at Les 7 Laux, because the mountains are a great playground, in winter and summer alike. I love this resort, so I decided to show them!

Besides, top-level sport is expensive, so I need to increase the visibility of my Instagram account to find sponsors. Being an ambassador for Les 7 Laux should help me with that.

What does Les 7 Laux mean to you?

Les 7 Laux represents my childhood, the pleasure of skiing, the good times with friends. But it’s also a place where I’ve progressed, where I’ve learned to overcome my fears. The snowpark has made me stronger.

How long have you been skiing at the resort?

I learned to ski at Les 7 Laux, in the Pipay beginners’ sector, when I was between 2 and 3 years old. I then passed my 2nd and 3rd star with the 7 Laux club, and then I stopped skiing to do nothing but snowboarding. Well, almost, because we used to ski one week a year with Theys elementary school.

Is there one place you think symbolizes the resort more than another?

It used to be the snowpark, but now it’s more the off-piste runs from the summit of Le Gypaète. For me, the variant and the bédina offer the most beautiful scenery in the resort.

What’s your favorite activity in Les 7 Laux?

I adapt to the conditions: freeride when there’s powder or freestyle otherwise. When there’s no snowpark, we build kicks next to the slopes. This is known as backcountry skiing.

Can you tell us about your perfect day in the mountains?

A good day’s skiing or snowboarding has to end with a Nutella pancake and hot chocolate at Prapoutel or Pipay. And during the vacations, we like to eat a burger at Sainbioz in Le Pleynet.

Do you have any favorite runs in Les 7 Laux?

I like Chanterelle because you can have fun on the slopes.

Are there anyother activities you’d recommend doing in Les 7 Lauxapart from those you’ve mentioned ?

With mountain biking and tree climbing, Les 7 Laux is a great place to have fun in summer.

Do you visit the resort in summer? If so, for which activity(ies)?

I go up in the summer for a few hikes, to Lac de la Jasse or Lac des Vénétiers. I’d like to do more and more downhill mountain biking, as it gives me a feeling similar to sliding.

The final word: 3 words that come to mind to define the resort

Sport, freedom, powder