Fun on the Mole Trail

Who says that skiing and snowboarding should be limited to downhill skiing and repetitive runs? On the ski slopes of the 7 Laux ski area, you can also have fun on the Taupe course in Prapoutel, and enjoy skiing in a playful way.

Prapoutel side

Piste de la Souchette

Fun trail

for the whole family

Taking the chairlift, going down a blue or red run and repeating the process all day long can sometimes seem monotonous, despite the beauty and diversity of the 7 Laux landscape. But what if downhill skiing took on a whole new dimension? If you’re watching the freeriders on Prapoutel link up woops, bumps and banked turns, you should know that it’s possible to have fun on the Taupe course without having perfect mastery of snowpark modules.

Then it’s on to Prapoutel and the Souchette green run, reached by the Bouquetins chairlift! It’s time to have some fun on the Taupe course. Woops, wind chimes and various arches line the slope, to the delight of children and parents alike.

Passing through the tunnel, under the arches, slaloming between the various characters – these are the challenges to be met along the way. Children can have fun on the Mole course while developing their agility on the boards.

What could be better than a little mascot to follow your children around the course? The Mole will become the emblem of this playful universe. And what if having fun on the Mole course also meant enjoying new sensations and trying your hand at banked turns?

And when fun on the Mole course seems too easy for your child, let him try his hand at the Squirrel course or the Snowpark. Here, too, different slopes have been laid out to suit different levels of ability.

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