A different way to enjoy the mountains...with snowshoes

Far from the hustle and bustle of the ski slopes and the noise of the ski lifts, you’re dreaming of calm and escape. You’d like to be alone or accompanied by a guide to enjoy the mountains in a different way… with snowshoes.

Le Pleynet / Les 7 Laux : vue sur la station du Pleynet et la vallée du Haut-BrédaLe Pleynet / Les 7 Laux : vue sur la station du Pleynet et la vallée du Haut-Bréda
©Le site du Pleynet dans la vallée du Haut-Bréda
The 3 sites

Prapoutel, Le Pleynet, Pipay

Snowshoeing in nature

No, in winter, the mountains aren’t just for skiing. You prefer to take it easy and discover the landscape slowly, to enjoy the mountains in a different way on snowshoes. Warmed by the sun’s rays, you slowly make your way along the snowshoeing trails at Prapoutel, Pipay or Le Pleynet. As you go, you may spot a few animal tracks in the snow, or even small rabbits emerging from a grove.

It’s time to let go and enjoy a relaxing break in the 7 Laux resort, totally immersed in nature. The only sound that reaches your ears is the murmur of a small stream or the sound of the wind in the branches of the fir trees. As you brush against the branches of the fir trees, snow falls down your neck. It’s cold, but you feel alive.

Snowshoeing in the mountains

If you’re new to snowshoeing, the marked trails will be more than enough to keep you oxygenated, but more experienced snowshoers can set out to conquer the peaks on half-day or full-day hikes. There are a number of activities to get you as close as possible to the peaks of the Belledonne and enjoy the mountains in a different way with snowshoes. You can also choose to discover the animal world or enjoy snowshoeing in a more Zen or yoga-oriented way. There are also snowshoe outings for the very young (école du petit montagnard) or at sunset.

Step by step, you’ll feel the snowshoes clicking behind you on the hiking trails of Prapoutel or Le Pleynet. If your steps seem to be getting heavier and heavier, it’s time to snap your snowshoe and leave the “ton” of snow that has clung to it in place. Inevitably, once you’ve done this, you feel lighter and can resume your hike with renewed vigour. Despite the effort, you feel light. The sensation of being able to walk on snow and enjoy the mountains in a different way is more than pleasant.

Les 7 Laux: a snowshoeing resort

Snowshoeing in the snow

Located in the Massif de Belledonne, in Isère, the 7 Laux ski resort is an ideal destination for snowshoeing. The mountains and surrounding area offer exceptional snowy trails, accessible to all levels of ability. Whether you’re a beginner or a keen snowshoe hiker, you’ll be able to choose from a range of adapted itineraries. At Les 7 Laux, you can also enjoy guided snowshoe hikes with instructors who know the resort like the back of their hand. As well as enjoying a complete getaway, you’ll learn more about the resort and its nooks and crannies. If you’re familiar with the resort, it’s always a good idea to take a snowshoe outing with friends or family. On these outings, you’ll come across other groups with whom you can get to know each other, share your experiences and renew acquaintances. More than just a sporting outing in the snow, snowshoeing at Les 7 Laux is a convivial experience.

After all that hard work and effort, do you think you deserve a little comfort? In that case, our “rando chaudron” outings are just what you need. A snowshoe outing that ends with a convivial meal of fondue prepared in a cauldron.

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