7 reasons to spend your winter

aux 7 Laux

With winter on the horizon, are you looking for the perfect resort to spend your skiing vacations? Discover the 7 reasons to spend your winter in Les 7 Laux, with your feet in the snow. Whether you’re looking for a resort for the young, the young at heart, or for families, Les 7 Laux has something for everyone, from thrill-seekers to contemplative landscape enthusiasts.

Published on 29 September 2021
Reason no. 1

A historic anniversary year

Les 7 Laux celebrates its 50th anniversary!

This year, the 7 Laux resort will be blowing out its 50th candle, and we’ve put together an original and beautiful program to celebrate this anniversary in style. A festive and historic year marked by the return of skiing and a host of events and activities that will set the pace throughout the season.

To kick off the festivities, enjoy the NRJ Extravadance on December 29 at the Prapoutel snowfront. The evening will also be enlivened by a superb fireworks display, immortalizing a magical moment and bringing a great day’s skiing to a close.

Reason no. 2

Landscapes to

take your breath away

Spend your winter in Les 7 Laux, and you’ll be able to appreciate the breathtaking panorama from the vantage point of a slope. Wherever you are, every landscape is an opportunity to immortalize a unique and magical moment. Take to the slopes on the Pleynet or Prapoutel sides, and let your desire for discovery be your guide.

Yes, Les 7 Laux is not a resort like the others: made up of 3 sites (Prapoutel, Pipay, Le Pleynet), you can navigate as you please from one side to the other. Put on your skis at sunrise at 1450 m from Le Pleynet, and let the beauty of the scenery intoxicate you. As you descend, turn your head and marvel at the beauty of the sea of clouds you’re overlooking. Continue on to Pipay at an altitude of 1550 m, for a free and convivial ride through the Chartreuse Massif and the Grésivaudan Valley. At the end of the day, as the sun sets over the resort, treat yourself to a final stroll with your feet in the snow, before returning to your accommodation at the foot of the slopes.

Reason no. 3

Discover a ski lift park


At Les 7 Laux, we go all out! A modern resort par excellence, 90% of the ski lifts have been modernized in recent years?
The results: less waiting time, more skiing and more satisfied skiers!
The Gypaète chairlift now takes you from 1580 to 2400 meters in just 6 minutes. A renewed, optimal skiing experience for our greatest pleasure.

Les 7 Laux boasts 22 lifts covering the resort’s 120 km of pistes and 1,500 hectares of snow. Numbers that make you dizzy, but also smile!

Reason no. 4

Experience unique sensations

Every winter, the watchwords remain the same at Les 7 Laux: sensations, emotions and safety. Would you like to experience the thrill of safe off-piste skiing? Take to the emblematic Vallons du Pra piste and ski one of the jewels of the Belledonne mountain range. Its 1,000-meter vertical drop, completely undeveloped, will give you unique sensations, all in a contemplative setting in the middle of a field of powder snow.

Looking for unforgettable sensations in a fun, family-friendly experience? Opt for Le Pleynet’s attraction, La Wiz Luge sur rails, and hurtle down the 700-metre descent aboard your Les 7 Laux-style “bobsleigh”. An activity that’s sure to please young and old alike.

Want to take a break from nature and defy the laws of vertigo at the top of the trees? Play the Tarzan of the snows and leap from platform to platform to master the tricky courses! Adventure courses at Le Pleynet and Prapoutel for a winter with a forest touch!

Reason no. 5

Fun areas

for family fun

Spending your winter vacations at Les 7 Laux with your family means you can enjoy play areas and trails designed to give your children a magical experience! Follow the mascots on the fun trails and treat yourself to unforgettable memories.

The Mole course

Discover a slide and play area with woops, tunnel and chimes for a unique family experience. A must for the little ones, who are sure to have a blast!

Tiki the squirrel trail

Everyone loves this cute and cuddly animal, so much so that we’ve dedicated a course to him! Discover this playful course where challenges and obstacles are scattered all over the ski area, offering you a great experience on skis.

Reason no. 6

A dedicated space

to freestyle

At Les 7 Laux, we’ve got something for everyone, including freestyle skiers and their ever more sensational tricks!
The snowpark , one of the resort’s must-see attractions, is the perfect place for freestylers to get their thrills. The snowpark has plenty of surprises in store, with 4 levels of difficulty. Situated at an altitude of 1700 metres, this freestyle area is a real playground where everyone can progress at their own pace. You’ll find figures, aerial jumps and spectacular moves. Everyone speaks the same language, everyone shares the same passion.

Sensations guaranteed!

Reason no. 7

Les 7 Laux, an anthology of activities


From the most zen-like to the most demanding, and including nature activities…winter in Les 7 Laux isn’t just about skiing! Lovers of great panoramas will love snowshoeing along snow-covered trails, while the more sporty will prefer the Beldina Nordic area or putting on sealskins for cross-country skiing. Families can have fun on the snow front, sledging down the slopes after a picnic with their feet in the snow.

Do you prefer unusual activities and new winter sports? Discover some sensational and original activities, such as Snakegliss, the animal of choice for those who love lapping down the slopes, or Air Board for those who love speed. Animal lovers, did we mention? Take a dog-sledding excursion and slip into the shoes of a real Muscher for a day at Le Pleynet or Prapoutel.

As you can see, in winter at Les 7 Laux, our imagination goes beyond your desires, and there are plenty of activities to enjoy with family, friends or as a couple.

Preparing for winter in the resort


With all these great reasons, we’re sure to see many of you visiting our 3 sites this winter. Family and sporting activities, the great outdoors and, above all, skiing are all on the agenda for what promises to be an exceptional anniversary season. So if you want to stay one step ahead of the game and enjoy the winter season, get ready now! Book your accommodation from our wide selection, and take the opportunity to book your ski pass now. Because, yes, a winter ski season starts now!

Activities to enjoy

made in Les 7 Laux