Prapoutel - Le Pleynet - Pipay

If the domain of the 7 Laux delights the lovers of alpine skiing, Nordic skiing or even freeriders, we must not forget the lovers of snowshoe hikes. Indeed, they can only marvel at the beauty of the landscapes that they will discover during their snowshoe hikes..






Escape to some


and sublimate magnificent panoramas

An area with multiple routes

You will find some nice trails to visit using snowshoes starting from the resort’s 3 sites: Prapoutel, Pipay and Pleynet.

These routes are the opportunity to discover the Belledonne massif and the 7 Laux area in their most beautiful state.


  • Crêt du bœuf to the Pleynet start
  • Prapoutel link – Pipay
  • Loops from the start at the Beldina Nordic Space center to Prapoutel .

Accompanied outings

You love snowshoeing, but find it sad to do it alone? Many outings or snowshoe hikes are organized for everyone’s enjoyment. For the little ones, it is a real “junior beaver” type adventure that is proposed by “little mountaineer school”. The snowshoe outing will be an opportunity to discover and respect the forest world, to orient yourself or to build a shelter.

For the older ones, a hike accompanied by a 7 Laux guide will be an opportunity to observe the tracks of foxes, chamois or other animals while offering a real discovery of the mountain on the Belledonne massif using snowshoeing.


What is said

Whether you are alone or accompanied by a guide or a group, the 7 Laux are among the most remarkable places in Belledonne to discover the mountains on snowshoes in its most beautiful element.
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