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Torchlight descents

At Prapoutel and Le Pleynet

Torch-lit descents are a time-honored tradition in ski resorts.

An inescapable tradition

At nightfall, when it’s completely dark, skiers and ski instructors, accompanied by children and pupils from the French ski school, descend the slopes with torches, forming a farandole like little fireflies.

Attending the traditional torchlight descent is an essential part of any mountain vacation.
As soon as night falls, between 100 and 350 children enrolled with the ESF take part in this great spectacle.

A weekly rendezvous

Every Thursday during the school vacations, this merry procession makes its way down the ski slopes, ending up at the foot of the resort to share a friendly drink. Green chaud, a mixture of chocolate and green chartreuse (only hot chocolate for children), not only warms the body, but the heart too.

To take part in the torchlight descents, participants register with their instructors. Descents vary according to skiing ability.

And to round off the torchlitdescent, a fireworks display brings the day to a close, to everyone’s delight. An unmissable experience that Les 7 Laux is proud to perpetuate in the finest ESF tradition.

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