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Ski Floor

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Do you like it rough? Then you’ll love our Ski Floor animation.

Night skiing, lights and dance floor

Every Wednesday evening during the school vacations, the Prapoutel site, and more particularly the snow front, comes alive to become the setting for a magical sound and light show, and to give way to the turntables of BENjYDj.

From now on, winter at Les 7 Laux will be festive, so you can enjoy the best possible atmosphere during your stay. With the ski floor, those who like to ski and party will be delighted.

Ski in a “disco” atmosphere on the P’tits Loups slope.

Ski to music on a green slope with “disco” lights flashing thanks to the DJ who orchestrates, an original and atypical way to have fun on the slopes.

Every Wednesday evening during the school vacations, the Prapoutelsite lights up to the sound of BENjYDj’s turntables and offers a sound and light show.

If you don’t feel like skiing, simply enjoy the sound and light show, and the blaze on the piste, which completes BENjYDj’s entertainment and dynamic atmosphere. You won’t be able to resist the atmosphere that pervades the 7 Laux resort. This will also be an opportunity to share a hot drink.

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