The essentials

Torchlight descents

In Prapoutel and in Pleynet

Like an ancient tradition, torchlight descents are one of the essential activities at a ski resort.








An essential tradition

At nightfall, when the darkness is total, skiers and ski instructors accompanied by children and students from the French ski school descend the slopes with a torch and form a farandole or conga dance like little fireflies.

Attending the traditional torchlight descent is essential for a holiday in the mountains.
As soon as night falls, there are between 100 and 350 children enrolled in the ESF who take part in this great show.

A weekly appointment

Every Thursday during the school holidays, this merry procession runs down the ski slopes to finish at the foot of the resort and share a friendship glass. The hot Green, a mixture of chocolate and green chartreuse (only hot chocolate for children) that will do more than warm the body, but will also warm the heart.

To participate in torchlight descents, participants must register with their instructors. The descents may be different depending on the level of skiing ability.

And to finish this torchlight descenta fireworks display closes the day in a climax to the delight of all. An essential experience that 7 Laux are proud to perpetuate in the greatest tradition of the ESF.

Why is it so nice ?
Share a friendlymomentwith your family
Enjoy a beautifulnocturnalshow
Have a good timeafter skiing


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