Oakley 7 Laux Park

Le Pleynet

The 7 Laux resort is renowned by Grenoble skiers and especially freeriders for its freeride park, which stretches over 8 hectares from the Pleynet and is accessible via the sun’s ski lift For everyone’s enjoyment and to get within reach of all riders, the Oakley 7 Laux Park is divided into 4 zones with different difficulty levels.



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Aux 7 Laux, le plaisir de la glisse c’est en toutes saisons ! Pour le plaisir de tous, y compris celui des petits à partir de 3 ans s’ils sont accompagnés, les 7 Laux mettent en émoi tous vos sens et se font créateurs d’émotions. Avec la Wiz luge au Pleynet, retrouvez des sensations fortes de glisse et frissonnez au gré des virages, des tunnels, des vrilles ou des ponts.


Labelled Ho5Park

With its Ho5Park shape, the Oakley 7 Laux Park offers many surprises and amenities for snowboarders.

7 Laux have thought of all skiers, including freeriders who will find the Oakley 7 Laux Park located at 1,700m and labelled HO5. This large space allows everyone to indulge in new snowboard hills including beginners with the mini boarder of Crêt Granier. The more seasoned will be able to embark on the black level Boarder Cross!





One of the few Freestyle Park designated by the Oakley brand, a must-see: it’s a real playground where you can progress and evolve at your own pace!


New modules built in the image of the brand to embellish the park courses, from the very easy for novices to courses dedicated to the confirmed.

Not to mention the Boarder Cross: raised turns, bumps and woops, guaranteed sensations!!! 

Playful area and plancha available at the chalet. 

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