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Do you like it when things move? So you’ll definitely like our Ski Floor animation.




Night skiing, Lights and Dance Floor

Every Wednesday evening, the Prapoutel site and especially its snow front comes alive to become the site of a magical sound and light show and to make way for the turntables of DJ Benji.

Now at 7 Laux, winter is meant to be festive to make you enjoy the best atmosphere during your stay. With the Ski Floor, those who like to ski and party will be delighted.

Ski in a “disco” atmosphere on the slopes of the P’tits Loups.

Sound track, flashing “disco” lights that flash to let you ski to music. Thanks to the DJ who orchestrates all this, you approach skiing in a different way.

Every Wednesday evening during the school holidays, the Prapoutel site is ablaze to the sound of DJ Benji’s turntables and offers you his light and sound show

If you don’t feel like skiing, just admire the sound and light show on offer, as well as the blaze of the hill that will complement the animation and dynamic atmosphere of DJ Benji. You will not be able to remain insensitive to the atmosphere that invades the 7 Laux resort. It will also be an opportunity to share a hot drink.

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To move and skito the rhythm of music





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