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If you’re a local authority, cultural or sports association, festival committee or other player who could potentially help to promote our heritage (nature outings, guided tours, concerts, shows, etc.) and thereby contribute to the appeal and influence of Les 7 Laux, follow the tutorial below and fill in the “Suggest an event” form.

Please fill in the form at the bottom of the page: it will be processed as soon as possible. Your information will be entered directly into the APIDAE database, which feeds various media.

PLEASE NOTE: if you have already filled in this form on one of our Tourist Office websites or on the Communauté de Communes website, you do not need to fill it in a second time here, as the information in our agendas is shared.


– we reserve the right to VALIDATE or NOT your information, and to RELEASE or NOT RELEASE it on certain media. Events organized in private establishments will only be broadcast if the service provider is a partner.
– The 7 Laux website publishes all the destination’s activities.