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Snowshoe hikes with tastings

Prapoutel & Le Pleynet

At first, everything looks like a traditional hike in a mountain resort. A guide takes you to the mountains as you’ve never seen them before for an unusual twilight hike. Tracks in the snow and first steps with snowshoes. At the end of the day, it’s time to enjoy a delicious meal and share a convivial moment.

Le Pleynet / Les 7 Laux : vue sur la station du Pleynet et la vallée du Haut-BrédaLe Pleynet / Les 7 Laux : vue sur la station du Pleynet et la vallée du Haut-Bréda
©Le site du Pleynet dans la vallée du Haut-Bréda
Côté Prapoutel & Pleynet
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It didn’t take much more than this cauldron hike to give the 7 Laux vacation a very special flavor. Henri, insatiable about the peaks of the Belledonne massif, talks passionately about the scenery that surrounds him and guides you through the twilight.

Once the sun has set behind the Chartreuse and over Prapoutel, it’s time to enjoy a delicious cheese fondue in the campfire cauldron. This magical moment creates a conviviality you won’t forget.

In addition to the Prapoutel cauldron hike, there are other snowshoe hikes with tastings to discover the area and its wildlife. On the crozy’ aquette or Apérando with Alp’In, don’t miss the Tétra Lyre in the Belledonne landscape. The hike ends with a mountain meal in a mountain chalet. Eric Picollet, on the Pleynet slope, offers a snowshoe outing followed by a mountain meal.

Young and old alike are seduced by these snowshoe hikes and tastings, which allow you to blossom in the forest and in the heart of a wild landscape. Wrapped up in warm clothes, only the sound of crackling fire rises in the night … or almost. We also hear the sound of the wind in the tree branches, the noise of the animals and Henry’s voice recounting the lives of the animals as they struggle to adapt to winter.

Snowshoe hikes and tastings are unique experiences that can be shared in a group or with the whole family, to the delight of young and old alike, and make a lasting impression on a mountain holiday.

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