Skiing in a discotheque atmosphere

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For once, you’re in for a unique experience! Ski in a disco atmosphere on a ski floor. Here, the 7 Laux resort comes alive with the sound of a DJ’s turntables.

Prapoutel side

See the slopes differently

Once a week and during the school vacations, the atmosphere at Les 7 Laux changes completely, giving you the chance to ski in a disco atmosphere. The ski floor is an evening of night skiing, dancefloor and sound & light show on the P’tit Loups piste! You’ll be overwhelmed by the rhythmic sound orchestrated by the dj in charge of setting the mood, and by the illuminations that give the slope a festive air. In this disco atmosphere, it’s hard not to get carried away by the enchantment. To the beat of the music, everyone makes their way down the Prapoutel runway with gusto and good humor. You can even hear some of them singing or humming.

Of course, in such an atmosphere and with so much fireworks on the slopes, it certainly feels like skiing in a discotheque. But that’s also the magic of Les 7 Laux, once a week. Disconnecting completely and experiencing a totally different atmosphere. Very often, skiing is done in the quiet with the lifts as the only background noise. Here, you’ll be treated to some of the hottest music on the piste des pt’its loups. The urge to put down the boards and go dancing on the snow front is strong enough, but on the other hand, skiing in a discotheque atmosphere is an opportunity not to be missed.

Everyone is carried away by the disco atmosphere. It has to be said that the Prapoutelsite , with its blazing runway and sound and light show, takes on a whole new panache .

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