Le Pleynet / Les 7 Laux: 360° turn on the Wiz Luge rail sledge course
©Le Pleynet / Les 7 Laux: 360° turn on the Wiz Luge rail sledge course

Experience the thrill of the Wiz Luge

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …go! Comfortably seated, alone or accompanied, you embark on the crazy descent that is the wiz Luge course. 700 meters of descent in a rail-mounted luge, downhill in just a few minutes, for a real thrill.

Le Pleynet / Les 7 Laux : vue sur la station du Pleynet et la vallée du Haut-BrédaLe Pleynet / Les 7 Laux : vue sur la station du Pleynet et la vallée du Haut-Bréda
©Le site du Pleynet dans la vallée du Haut-Bréda
Pleynet side

Snow front

Sensations guaranteed!

You’re in control of your speed, and of this little bolide that will take you back to the resort like lightning: brake, accelerate, you’re the one who guides your Wiz Luge rail sled down the Pleynet course at the speed you want, whether you’re intrepid or less so. Vibrate to the rhythm of the turns in the heart of the forest. Left turn, right turn, you lose all your bearings and can only think of one thing: when does it stop?

You hang on in the bends, you grit your teeth and your buttocks, especially the first time you go fast, but experiencing the thrill of the Wiz Luge rail luge is still a bit scary. The Wiz Luge is a real thrill, with a downhill run and a 300-metre cable lift. And as children aged 3 and over are admitted if accompanied, it’s a wonderful moment of relaxation and leisure for the whole family.

When the sun shines at Le Pleynet and lights up the downhill course, a magical world opens up, with a sumptuous view of the Belledonne massif. These few minutes of descent, which offer the shade of the fir trees or, on the contrary, a great ray of sunshine, are an invitation to do it all over again as soon as possible.

Experience Wiz Luge by night

At night, the experience is even more grandiose: the tunnel is illuminated by different lights that change as the sleds pass. Once out of the tunnel, you’re in the heart of the illuminated forest. An exhilarating yet disquieting experience. A journey through the night that makes you lose all your bearings in this immaculate landscape, where the snow drowns out all the sounds of winter experiences.

And while some are already thinking about the next ride they’re going to take, others are delighted that it’s finally over. Rail tobogganing in Les 7 Laux is a real thrill. And everyone agrees: you either love it or you’re scared! But one thing’s for sure: you can only experience the thrills of Wiz Luge at Les 7 Laux!

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