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All year round, you are careful about what you eat. Don’t eat too much fat, not too salty, not too sweet we are told all the time. But this is the holidays and there are no guidelines that hold. Today you enjoy a mountain dish.

Le Pleynet / Les 7 Laux : vue sur la station du Pleynet et la vallée du Haut-BrédaLe Pleynet / Les 7 Laux : vue sur la station du Pleynet et la vallée du Haut-Bréda
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It's the holidays

We're enjoying it!

Whether you’re skiing on Prapoutel, Pipay or Pleynet, you’ll always find a pleasant, family-friendly place to enjoy a mountain dish. As soon as you push the door, you feel this warm welcome from the owners. Graciously offered smiles, good care given to the customers and especially the taste buds stirred by the talents of the chefs. Simple and refined dishes that stick to your ribs like a good mountain dish.

In winter, you will be happy remove your skis to enjoy a mountain dish when you arrive from the Prapoutel, Pipay or Pleynet slopes. A gourmet parenthesis that you will be happy to try again

Don’t you know what to order? If all the dishes on the menu are enticing, let yourself be seduced by the mountain specialities:

  • Raclette with its creamy and tasty cheese that melts on the ramp and gently covers a baked potato. Of course, the neighbourhood delicatessen meats complete this exquisite plate.
  • The Savoyard fondue, essential for a resort holiday. Be careful not to be the one who drops his piece of bread into the pot and who will have to run naked in the snow. So gently stir your crouton in the melted cheese laced with white wine and enjoy!
  • The Tartiflette with its creamy Reblochon melted to your liking with onions and bacon will leave all gourmets in a state close to Nirvana.

Why is it so nice?
To have apleasant timewith family or friends
Savourlocal products
Recover your strengthafter skiing


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