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Dive into the heart of the Grande Odyssée VVF in Les 7 Laux!

This Tuesday, January 23rd, Les 7 Laux and our region Le Grésivaudan welcomed for the first time a stage of La Grande Odyssée VVF!

One day

epic and sunny

From the moment we arrived at Les 7 Laux, we were enveloped in an atmosphere charged with excitement and energy. The sun, the music, the sound of impatient dogs and the joyful laughter of the audience instantly put us in the mood for the day.

In the afternoon, the entertainment village on the snow front offered a wide range of activities. Visitors crowded around the stands, curious to discover the fascinating world of sled dogs. Some petted the huskies with tenderness, others tried their hand at biathlon with determination, while the more dreamy were transported into a virtual universe thanks to augmented reality headsets. Not forgetting a lively brass band, accompanied by Tiki the squirrel, the resort’s mascot, who delighted the 400 or so children present for the event throughout the day.

A race


Imagine yourself in the heart of the Alps, with the splendid bar of the Chartreuse massif in the background, ready to witness one of the most thrilling sled dog races ever.
La Grande Odyssée VVF saw more than 25 mushers and their sleds take to the snow-covered slopes all the way to the Plateau des Violettes and the Col du Merdaret.

The public was on hand, vibrating with excitement at every departure and arrival. From children to grandparents, everyone waved their orange flag, eagerly awaiting the passage of the carriages. On the starting line, the adrenalin was pumping. The dogs quivered with anticipation, the signal sounded, and it was off!

As the day drew to a close, the arrivals took place at night, the spectacle of a magnificent sunset providing an exceptional backdrop for the competitors crossing the finish line.

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Etape 9 - Les 7 Laux présentée par Aésio Mutuelle
Etape 9 - Les 7 Laux présentée par Aésio Mutuelle
Etape 9 - Les 7 Laux présentée par Aésio Mutuelle


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A dynamic audience


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