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Are you a thrill-seeker looking for the most idyllic first flight ever? Take to the skies and fly over the 7 Laux ski area in a paraglider. Come and discover an activity that will leave you breathless.

An activity


Who hasn’t dreamt of soaring to the top of the slopes and being carried away by the wind? Coming to Les 7 Laux also means experiencing breathtaking thrills and letting yourself be carried away by your desires. Accompanied by an instructor, you’ll contemplate the ski area as you’ve never seen it before. A first flight at Les 7 Laux certainly sounded like a sweet, unthinkable dream in the corner of your mind, but now it’s a reality!

Let yourself be guided

A first flight in a paraglider is a moment of sharing with your instructor. After a briefing reserved for safety and other information, you’ll find yourself installed in a gondola.

It’s a real escape for a moment, when you can enjoy the sumptuous scenery beneath your feet, while your instructor guides you in complete safety. For around 15 to 20 minutes, you have nothing to do but contemplate what’s happening before your eyes.

It’s an experience in escape, discovery and safety.

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