Spa & Wellness

Prapoutel - Le Pleynet

What if you took advantage of your vacation in the mountains to enjoy this wellness break so desired the year round? Let go during a relaxing day and think only of yourself!

Face or body care, modelling, jacuzzi, sauna, hammam, don’t ignore your pleasure and grant yourself this well-deserved relaxing break.

In winter the Bedina Spa in Prapoutel / 7 Laux offers a wide range of treatments to fully discover new wellness practices in addition to traditional massages. Cranio-sacral relaxation, shiatsu, & foot reflexology await you in the warmth… in the snow! Choose between different technics to release tensions and pressures or to rebalance the circulation of energy.

At Le Pleynet / Les 7 Laux: 2 new practitioners settle down and offer well-being workshops.

On the program, massage, sophrology, energetic treatments, relaxation and yoga.




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