Escape Game

Le Pleynet

A snowstorm is raging outside and you are forced to stay in the “Va l’eau” shelter when suddenly a plane crashes into the mountain. While everyone is panicking within the refuge and trying to reassure themselves as best they can, one person will commit an act of treachery and poison the mulled wine. The objective? To remove this person and find the antidote to the poison!



60 minutes to

find the guilty

End of the day at the 7 Laux resort, and if after having taken a good hot chocolate, you decide to finish in beauty by solving in teams of 3 to 5 people, the riddles of the Escape game of the mountain of Pleynet? You will need 60 minutes (and not one more) to rack your brains and try to find the long awaited solution to the thousand and one mysteries you will have to solve. An activity adapted to everyone and above all that will please adults and children alike. Join us and put your investigative skills to the test at Les 7 Laux!


Escape game

At 7 Laux

An activity with suspense !

Hunt down the person who betrayed you, find the antidote to the poison, cooperate as a team to get out of that chalet as the elements go wild right outside the door. An activity full of emotion and suspense! Will you be able to find the antidote to your problems and get out of the chalet while the needle is turning ? Come and prove it by coming to the Escape mountain game of the 7 Laux at the Pleynet.


Why is it so nice ?
To do an activity After-ski
Be in immerssionwith the mountain
Spend a good time with family or with friends

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