A descent in a Wiz Luge

Le Pleynet

At Les 7 Laux, the pleasure of sliding is in all seasons! For the pleasure of all, including the little ones from 3 years old if they are accompanied, Les 7 Laux stirs up all your senses and makes them creators of emotions. With the Wiz Luge at Pleynet, find thrills to glide and shiver as a results of turns, tunnels, spirals or bridges.


Playful attraction

for the whole family

The Wiz luge is one of the main attractions of Les 7 Laux resort. Located at Pleynet, the Wiz Luge is a bobsleigh-type rail-mounted sled that runs through the forest and the wonderful landscapes of Belledonne, a most fantastic winding course. The Wiz Luge descent offers maximum safety thanks to seat belts, an anti-derailment system, braking of your choice and an anti-collision system when approaching another car

Like an amusement park, the Wiz Luge descent will be one of the must-see activities for a successful afternoon during your stay at Les 7 Laux.



An extraordinary journey 

300 meters long uphill, 700 meters long downhill, set in the middle of the fir trees, this descent in Wiz Luge has been ranked as one of the most beautiful courses in France. Suitable for all and equipped with an anti-collision system, this route allows everyone, from 8 to 77 years old, to live a new experience. One is free to adapt the speed according to ones desires to cover more or less quickly the 108 meters of vertical drop on a 15% slope. Fast speed for lovers of great thrills or slower speed for the less daring, everyone will spend a remarkable moment on this course.

An activity that appeals to everyone  

Accessible to children as young as 3 years old if they are accompanied or from 8 years old ride alone, the Wiz Luge leaves lasting memories for young and old alike. If the children eager for sensations ask for more in unison, the less intrepid parents are seduced even if they have to be pushed a little to take a ride. No less than 12 turns, 7 of which will pin you down, that will transform the brave into Wiz Luge enthusiasts!



Men, women, children fill up with sensations with the Wiz Luge.

Why is it so nice?
ToRelaxwith your family
Tolive an unusualexperience
Tostock up onsensations


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