The Vallons du Pra

Le Pleynet

Well known among all freeride enthusiasts, the Vallons du Pra trail on the Pleynet slope is one of the jewels of 7 Laux. Offering the most splendiferous landscapes, this trail charms most people by its pristine expanse of snow. Starting at an altitude of 2,400 metres, this partially ungroomed trail offers 1,000 metres of vertical drop in complete freedom.




A black trail

For the savvy skier

The Vallons du Pra trail is a black trail and is one of those trails that have made the reputation of the 7 Laux resort. Bordering the groomed slopes, this trail marked but not worked by the groomers, offers a true universe of virgin snow to all lovers of powder and freeride.

Easy access

If the Vallons du Pra trail is a black trail, its access is nevertheless easy. Indeed, thanks to the Gypaète’s detachable chairlift on the Pipay side, you will reach the start of the trail from the top of the resort at 2,400 meters above sea level.

For those who do not want to leave so high, it is possible to reach the Vallons du Pra trail by taking the Oursière detachable chairlift and take the Plan du Pra trail and fork on the bishop’s (évêque) black trail. This variant thus avoids the entire upper part of the trail and especially the steepest part.


To celebrate the end of the season, this new derby offers all sliding amateurs an exceptional day on the Vallons du Pra trail!



Fabulous landscapes

Starting from the top of the resort, the Vallons du Pra trail on the Pleynet offers a magnificent panorama with a plunging view of the Vallée du Haut Bréda. It is also the moment when the view of the surrounding peaks such as the Cime de la Jasse, the Dent du Pra or the Pic de la Belle Étoile is astounding.

The arrival at the resort on the Pleynet side will be most bucolic with a passage along the forest for the most magnificent landscapes, bordered by fir trees.

Although of a high standard and for the most seasoned skiers, it is easy to understand why the Vallons du Pra ski slope is the undisputed jewel of 7 Laux. Breathtaking landscapes for a unique experience. If your level of skiing allows and you like the passages in the powder, be sure to take this renowned trail.

Why is it so nice?
Enjoy natural spacea remarkable
Practice sports skiing
Skiing on an ungroomed trail


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