Playful itinerary

The squirrel's route

Prapoutel -Pipay - Le Pleynet





Do you want to discover the entire 7 Laux domain? Then take advantage of a beautiful sunny day to set off on the route of the Ecureuil. A 2 hours route which will allow you to ski on all 3 sites of the resort. From Prapoutel to Pleynet, through Pipay, you will be able to admire wonderful views over the valley from the 2 sides of the 7 Laux.

A playful track

for the whole family

An impression of freedom and infinity, an impression that time does not stop in the heart of this immaculate area, these are the sensations provided by the route of the Squirrel between Prapoutel and the Pleynet. 2 hours of non stop skiing, accessible to all to live an intense moment. 2 hours of uninterrupted skiing to make the whole of the 7 Laux ski area your own.

It is thanks to the Chanterelle slope that you will be able to explore the different sites that compose the domain of the 7 Laux and constitute the squirrel’s itinerary. Mainly made up of green slopes, the Squirrel’s Route is perfectly suited for beginners who will not have any difficulty in completing the route. So that nothing prevents beginners from having fun, the ascents on the Écureuil itinerary are made with detachable chairlifts like the Chamois chairlift. The Eterlou chairlift is not detachable, but has a boarding mat for easier access.

Taking the Squirrel’s route at the beginning of your stay or of your day is an excellent way to discover the size of the domain, the possibilities of improvement and then to move on to the blue slopes and to find your way around in this vast playground that is the 7 Laux resort.



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ToHave fun skiing
Make a fun activityfamilily
To look aroundthe ski areawith fun


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