Nordic spaces

In Prapoutel and in Pleynet

Is a walk in the fir trees more your style than groomed trails? Do you prefer endurance to speed, cross-country skiing over downhill skiing? The northern 7 Laux domains also allow you to experience great moments of emotion in the heart of a beautiful landscape. Alternative steps or skating await you on the 7 Laux Nordic Spaces.



Nordic spaces

In Prapoutel and in Pleynet

The Beldina Nordic Domain

Stretching between 1,350 and 1,450 meters above sea level, the Beldina Nordic Domain located in Prapoutel / 7 Laux offers about fifteen kilometers of cross-country trails. 5 trails of different levels allow everyone to practice cross-country skiing according to their level.

  • 1 green trail called “La carabistouille” offers a 3 km loop
  • 1 light blue trail called “La myrtillette” offers a 4.3 km loop
  • 1 dark blue trail called “Tour du pré de l’Arc” stretches for 5 km
  • 1 red trail called “La Bedina” offers a 6 km loop
  • 1 black trail ‘Le défi Beldina’ offers a very short but more technical course

Legend has it that this Nordic Space, which is easily accessible from Prapoutel is closely watched by elves.

Pleynet Altitude Domain

Although the Pleynet’s altitude domain offers only 3.5 km of cross-country trails, it still derives its interest from the beauty of its landscapes. Accessible from the Pincerie chairlift on the Pleynet / 7 Laux site, this altitude area allows you to ski at 1,950 m altitude while enjoying an exceptional panorama. 




Barioz Area Nordic Space

Near 7 Laux

Nordic Space : A unique space in Barioz

With a nordic space ranging from 1,450 to 1,900 meters above sea level, the Barioz nordic space awaits the burners at the Col du Barioz. This altitude site offers a 360-degree panorama and 50 km of slopes prepared for alternative skiing or skating. For those who like snowshoe outings, 8 km of marked itineraries address the needs of hikers.




13 cross-country ski runs

Refuge trail, the crêt Luisard trail, the Chicken Crest trail and many others, no less than 13 trails and a altitude refuge await you for intense moments in the heart of an extraordinary landscape

Why is it so nice?
Skiing in anidyllic setting
Contemplatemagnificent panoramas


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