The essentials






Enjoy your holiday in Les 7 Laux ski resort and indulge yourself in multiple activities. Whether you are a non-skier or wish to extend your day on the slopes with after-ski activities, there is a variety of entertainment options among the essentials which you will find in Les 7 Laux during your stay either with the family, singly or with friends. Choose among many sports or recreational activities and take full advantage of the new equipment and fascinating outings offered by Les 7 Laux for all to enjoy.

The Wiz Luge descent for guaranteed thrills, the torchlight descent or snakegliss for anyone who wants to give another dimension to sliding sports are not to be missed. Of course, after a fun-filled day, the adventure climb in the trees awaits you to test your agility while admiring the sunset or you may prefer a relaxation offer at the Bédina wellness center.

At Les 7 Laux, everyone will find among our essentials the suitable activity to guarantee a wonderful stay. Be it either sports or relaxation, you will forever be free to choose more relaxation and pleasure.