©Skieur en train de descendre la piste de ski du côté du Pleynet, aux 7 Laux

The 3 sites

Prapoutel - Le Pleynet - Pipay

The value of the 7 Laux in the eyes of locals and tourists alike is the perfect combination of the 3 sites that give the 7 Laux its soul and its special atmosphere.





Prapoutel, Le Pleynet, Pipay: the 3 jewels of 7 Laux


Located on the western slope of 7 Laux, Prapoutel is implanted at 1350 m altitude. With the availability of many shops and amenities, this site is considered the base camp of the 7 Laux resort.

In addition to its wonderful view of the Grésivaudan valley, Prapoutel offers tourists many distractions

  • In summer: the outdoor aquatic area, climbing wall, archery, orientation routes, golf disc, mountain boarding …
  • In winter: snowshoes, air boarding, snakegliss, …
  • In both seasons: wellness centre, tree- top adventure climb at sunset

It is also the starting point for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or downhill skiing.



Just like Prapoutel, Pipay is located on the west side of 7 Laux at 1550 m altitude. This site also benefits from a magnificent view of the valley and sun exposure. Appreciated by the residents, it brings you straight to the heart of the ski area.

Le Pleynet

Cradled by the rising sun, Le Pleynet peaks at 1450 m altitude and is characterized by the beautiful wild valley of Haut-Breda. This site also provides wonderful views of the peaks of Belle Étoile and those of Cabottes. As a quiet place, this site breathes authenticity and seduces with its exceptional panorama. Far from being ostentatious, Pleynet is a natural and wild site, which covers all the essential requirements to spend a week without using the car”

Good to know

The 3 sites of the 7 Laux offer activities in summer and winter for unforgettable experiences with family or friends !