Prapoutel / Les 7 Laux - Vue sur la station de Prapoutel et le départ des remontées mécaniques

History of Les 7 Laux

Prapoutel - Pipay - Le Pleynet

If Les 7 Laux is now one of the favorite destinations for people from Grenoble to go skiing, it has gone through 3 major phases in its history.



The history of Les 7 Laux

A development that has experienced steady growth since 1962

The history of the 7 Laux can be written in several major sections, each one profoundly marking this emblematic place. From its birth in 1962, originating from the wish of the intermunicipal syndicate to develop the Massif des Fanges, Roche Noire and 7 Laux, with major investments in 1996, the resort has become increasingly popular.

Although 7 Laux is today recognized as one of the favorite skiing destinations of the ‘Grenoblois’, there are three major stages in its history



From 1962 to 1991: the early stages of a large domain

Nothing more was needed than a wish for the intercommunal syndicate of 7 municipalities to develop splendid mountains and give rise to an ambitious project. It took almost 15 years to obtain the necessary concessions and start the first facilities, before seeing the creation of the 1st beds in 1977. A large real estate project was then developed, with an initial target of 3500 beds in Prapoutel and 1200 beds in Pleynet. The next thought went to the infrastructure and hospitality amenities.

First 4-seater chairlifts, La Linguelle in particular as the strategic axis in the access to the resort, Le Pouta on the side of Prapoutel to reach the top at 2450 m and L’oursière for very snowy slopes. First sports facilities such as the climbing wall or aquatic center to meet everyone’s needs.

From 1992 to 1996: Challenges before revival

After a promising start, the resort faces some financial difficulties like some others in the region, before bouncing back and experiencing good times.


From 1996 to 2010: Revival and years of prosperity

New investments and mechanical developments such as the TSF du Lac and the artificial snow represent a real breath of fresh air for the resort. Incredible seasons pave the way for increasingly modern and numerous mechanical investments to boost the frequency of visits and the reputation of 7 Laux. 2009 and 2010 recorded the best seasons in terms of visitors.

From 2011 until present: a resort known for its adaptability

Since 2011, the ski seasons come and go and are not alike. The weather and snow conditions are fickle, but with the artificial snow and the ski lifts making high altitude skiing possible like on  the side of Prapoutel, ski fans find what they want every year. 7 Laux also developed to provide many activities in summer and can welcome holiday makers in search of new sensations and experiences in the mountains.

Did you know

7 Laux, contains three sites: Prapoutel and Pipay on the side of the Isère valley and Le Pleynet on the side of the Haut-Breda valley