es 7 Laux Montagnes Alpes 07
©Pierre Marchionni

Freeride Ski

Do you like to ski on virgin slopes, devoid of any tracks, on snow that only nature and wind will have shaped? At 7 Laux you will be satisfied. With one of the largest freeride ski areas in the Grenoble region, 7 Laux allows virgin snow lovers to ski safely.





A real


Several secure sectors

The strength of 7 Laux is to offer freeride ski enthusiasts several spaces of staked, secure trails, but not groomed so that they can indulge in the practice of off trail and have fun.

The Combe de Bedina, the Combe des Oudis, the Pipay sector offers several wonderful places to make some turns in the powder. Beware of places with less snow, some pebbles could tickle you under your skis.

On the Pleynet side, it is the Pra valleys that will make converts  of freeride specialists. This space along the black hill is surely one of the most fabulous of the whole estate offering a sumptuous view of Belledonne and the Haut Bréda valley.

Prapoutel version, the practice of freeride is done in the Combe de Bédina and some corridors that we owe to a renowned freerider Denis Rey, which are the favorite courses of freeriders.

Initiations for more safety

To address freeride and its techniques and then be able to launch freely and safely, nothing beats the courses. Thus, by getting closer to the ski schools, you will not only be able to take classes with instructors, but also receive an apprenticeship for off-trail techniques. Safety rules, convenient to get out of an ungroomed snow, with many recommendations given by mountain professionals and essential for a good freeride practice.


Of course, even if they are secure, these spaces are to be respected and practiced only when the conditions are right. A net blocking the passage indicates an absolute prohibition to engage in it.


The dangers of freeride are numerous and accidents are frequent. Be very vigilant!