The Belledonne Chartreuse Tourist Office

The Belledonne Chartreuse Tourist Office

The Tourist Office Belledonne Chartreuse is totally committed to the promotion of tourism and events in the Belledonne Massif, and is a community tourist office. In fact, it works to promote a community territory as a community of communes and manages the Tourist Information Offices which relay information in a local way.



The Tourist Office works hard to satisfy you and to offer many solutions to your needs.

Thus, the professionals present on the spot, within the Tourist Information Offices, will guide you to find accommodation, activities, services, access to the resort,

They will provide you with all the information you need for a successful stay at Les 7 Laux.

In charge of the promotion of the 7 Laux and the surrounding area, the Belledonne Chartreuse Tourist Office has many documents at your disposal, such as brochures, maps and various documentation to provide you with the best information.

Do you feel like cycling through the Belledonne Massif? Don’t hesitate to come and get a map to discover the possible routes or simply the ideas of circuit.

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