Sledging on snow with your family

This afternoon, there is like a little excitement within your family. Everyone’s particularly wild. Is it the announcement of an upcoming snowfall or is it the prospects of sledging on snow with your family ?



A moment of

heart felt laughter

Wrapped up in your warm, waterproof clothes, it’s high time you head to the Prapoutel sledge run. To start and gain confidence it will be better to be 2 passengers in the sledge. So, the little ones enjoy sledging on snow with their families when dad drives. The best thing is to stay on the trails marked and planned for this purpose. Indeed, they are more secure, and the sensations of sliding are at their best. Whether you’re on Prapoutel, Pipay or Pleynet, you can sled on snow with your family for hours if you wish.

Organize sledging races 

Sledging with your family when you are in the 7 Laux resort also means to organize races. So how will the challenges be done? The first will be a parent and a child per sledge. Children in the front and parents in the back to direct the sled. Attention, get ready, go! The descent is very fast and the bumps shake the crew a little. But one thing you are assured that all the sledge occupants laugh loudly.

For the revenge match, the children will be alone in the sledges. Which of your blonde heads will arrive first at the bottom of the trail?

After this crazy sledge outing on snow with the family, it’s decided you will offer yourself a descent in the Wiz Luge. The sensations are even stronger than on traditional sledging.

Why is it so nice?
Share a friendly moment with your family
Enjoy and have fun in the snow
Challenging yourself with family or friends

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