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Fly over your favorite ski area

by paragliding

Like a bird, make Icarus’ dream come true, observe the mountain from a completely different angle, seen from the sky, these are the promises that await you as you fly over your favorite ski area by paragliding.


Take flight




You are on the peaks or at the top of the slopes, your paraglider fixed in the back or in that of your instructor and you are ready to take off. Farther down, you can see the foot of the resort. One good breath of fresh air and suddenly you’re off at full speed on your skis. Without realising it, your glider has inflated and you flew away.

Take off, leave behind the sound of the ski lifts, of skis rubbing against the snow, of children making their first descents in the snow garden, only to hear the silence. Under your feet, the ski area seems very small and you is carried by the updrafts.




At 360°, the peaks of the region smile on you. The Mont-Blanc and its 4810 meters above sea level just have to be well behaved.

Let yourself be guided

A first flight in paragliding is a moment of sharing with your instructor. After a necessary time dedicated to the information of use and safety, you find yourself installed in a nacelle.

No sooner have you taken a deep breath than he will have already pushed you to jump into the slopes of the ski area. As you will not have to worry about guiding your glider, you will have plenty of time to discover the fabulous show that takes place in front of you during these 15-20 minutes of flight. You have a surprising view that will take your breath away. On your face you feel the fresh wind whipping you slightly.

And then, after having taken a deep breath, it is already time to go back down. It is going smoothly. If you are skiing, you will land on the snowy slope very gently. Once you have come to your senses, you will have one desire: to start over as soon as possible.



Why is it so nice?
ToContemplatemagnificient panoramas
Tolive an experienceunusual
To seeThe resort fromanother angle


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