Learning to ski

Everyone remembers it perfectly, when it was necessary to learn to swim, it did not seem an easy task and yet… today another challenge is offered to you. Learning to ski! How am I going to keep my balance? How do I turn? How do I stop? And take the ski lift, I won’t make it. So many questions that need to be cut short to… learn to ski.




Unique sensations

Hold yourself on the boards 

This morning, it is with great apprehension that you join your ski instructor on the slopes on the side of Prapoutel, Pleynet or Pipay to learn to ski. Yet looking at others it looks very easy. Click-clack… your bindings are buckled, you are ready. Oops… it’s moving on its own… Oops! For all those who are used to skating or skateboarding, you will see that the balance comes naturally provided you stand up straight and stand with your back straight.

Make the forts descents 

“It’s going fast! It’s going too fast! Then the snow, it’s too soft” How many times you’ve scoffed at hearing this line. But now it’s up to you to make your first descent on the Prapoutel slopes or on the Pleynet slope.

Push on the poles, face the slope and get started. Oops, it’s slipping! Yes, that’s the principle of skiing! After sliding a few meters, you have to make a first turn. Plant the pole! Plant the pole we told you. Lean on your downhill leg and turn! It’s done, the first turn has passed. Now we have to chain the others. Ah, what do you know; in the end it happens by itself.

Taking classes with an instructor 

If you can learn to ski alone or thanks to a loved one, taking classes with a 7 Laux resort ESF ski instructor is not superfluous. To integrate the right basics, turn to a professional, even if only for a few hours. It is the best way to learn to ski. In addition to learning essential techniques, it also helps to gain confidence and feel more confident.

Why is it so nice?
Being able to skiwith family or friends

Leisure and relaxation

Enjoying yourselfon skis
Get to know the sliding thrills


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