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Doing the nocturnal tree climbing course


This has been several times that you have promised the children to go on a tree climbing course. This time it’s the big day. You finally discover the 7 Laux tree climbing course in Prapoutel with its 4 courses, its slack lines and its crazy jump. You know right away that this day in the forest will be a great family sharing time.




Prapoutel Side
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Get the right equipment

After a quick overview of Prapoutel park and having spotted the different courses and their modules, you are ready to be equipped. First of all, to get through a tree climbing course, it is necessary to put on a harness. It’s not always easy to find in which direction to insert the legs. Then you get the carabiners, the lifeline and the special grip for the zip lines.

After that, you have to pay attention for a few minutes to remind you of the safety instructions and those to for clinging to the lifeline or zip line. These are the last quiet minutes before you embark on the adventure.





Choose your adventure route 

You’re ready to climb on your first platform. However, like any good sportsman, before you start directly to do a marathon, choose a course to warm up. Even if you start on a green course, thrills and emotions will be there.

In a few minutes you have to get started and turn into a real Tarzan. Wooden bridges, tunnels made of nets, your lifeline secures your evolution and allows you to do the tree climbing safely to quietly get through the various modules. 

Feeling warmed up? Then it’s time to make matters more difficult. The first steel slack lines appear, as well as the first zip lines or even the crazy jump. 


An adventure park for all 

The 7 Laux “Belledonne Outdoor” adventure park allows you to go for a family tree climb in Prapoutel. Your 3-year-old is not afraid of emptiness and is eager to get started? Let him/her learn on the yellow course. In a few minutes he/she perfectly masters the handling of the carabiners and here he/she is approaching the first rocking beams and then the rolling cart. “Again”! Obviously, he/she doesn’t look traumatized and asks for more. His 11-year-old brother, for his part, took his first steps on the green course. A good way to warm up before jumping on one of the 2 40-metre zip lines. As for you, after you have done the green course, you gather your courage to embark on the red course. You’ll need strength and agility to get through it.

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