©Balade nocturne en dameuse aux 7 Laux côté Pleynet et Prapoutel|105MM PICTURE - UGO LELIEVRE

Snow groomer ride

Prapoutel - Le Pleynet - Pipay

The night is falling on the resort of the 7 Laux. After the skiers have been on the slopes all day long, it is the turn of the snow groomers of the resort to get into the dance. An incessant ballet to restore the slopes. And if you live this unique experience thanks to our animation “Live my life as a groomer”.


Long live a ride

Go for a walk to assault the slopes, discover the groomer’s job

Have you always dreamed of discovering the behind-the-scenes of this mysterious groomer’s job? Would you like to climb into a groomer and ride the slopes until late at night? Then take the plunge and sign up! During the school holidays, we organise the event ” Live my life as a groomer ” on Thursday evenings in Prapoutel and Pleynet.

To participate, simply deposit your entry form in the ballot box available at the Prapoutel Tourist Office or the Pleynet Tourist Office. If your luck turns in your favour, you will be drawn at random and will immediately get into the groomer, go for a ride and discover the groomer’s job.


The ski day is over....


Night falls on the 7 Laux station, the day is coming to an end … when the grooming work begins! If you can see the lights shining on the ski area, it is because the groomers are coming in to level the terrain and prepare for the next day. Each day is an eternal beginning for these enthusiasts who live by night. Treat yourself to a privileged experience and climb aboard a groomer for a ride that will leave you with memories. Put yourself in the shoes of a professional groomer and brave all the real-life situations they may experience on a daily basis.

A chance more than an experience, this sensational activity will allow you to discover the slopes and the resort from a different angle, clinging to your seat from these mastodons of the snow!




Experience grooming from the inside

This snow groomer ride will give you a front-row seat to the daily life of the 7 Laux groomer. As soon as the slopes are closed, you will discover why it is imperative to work immediately and to groom the slopes. Indeed, a day’s skiing leaves tracks for the slopes! You will understand the mechanics of the machine, especially the use of tracks and tiller blades to grind the snow or the use of “finishing” blades to smooth the snow! Magical isn’t it ? You will discover that the groomer’s job requires mastery, agility and a lot of experience.

Would you like to be part of this adventure? Don’t wait any more, fill out a participation form to be deposited in the ballot boxes at Prapoutel and Pleynet, and try to be the chosen one who will have the chance to go for a ride in a snow groomer.



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