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Prapoutel - Le Pleynet

Are you a lover of thrills and you want to treat yourself to one of the most idyllic first flights ever? Take off and come to Les 7 Laux and fly over the ski area by paragliding. An activity that will not leave you indifferent to come and discover in our resort.

An Breathetaking


Take off at the top of the slopes and let yourself be carried by the wind, who has never dreamed of it?

Coming to Les 7 Laux is also about experiencing thrills and letting yourself be carried away by your desires. Accompanied by an instructor, you will contemplate the ski area as you have never seen it before.  Carrying out your first flight in Les 7 Laux certainly sounded like a sweet unthinkable dream in the corner of your head, it is now a reality!


Let yourself be guided

A first flight in paragliding is a moment of sharing with your instructor. After a necessary time dedicated to the information of use and safety, you find yourself installed in a nacelle.

A real escape for a moment when you have all the time in the world to enjoy the sumptuous scenery under your feet, while you let yourself be guided by your instructor in complete safety. For about 15 to 20 minutes, you have nothing to do except contemplate what is happening right in front of your eyes.


Why is it so nice?
TocontemplateMagnificent panoramas
To live an experienceunusual
To see the resort With another angle

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